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Imelda May's joy as prime time show hits 750,000 viewers


The Imelda May Show, RTÉ

The Imelda May Show, RTÉ


The Imelda May Show, RTÉ

Rockabilly star Imelda May should be singing for joy as her Sunday night show has proved to be a huge hit.

The Liberties lady is pulling her weight in Donnybrook – attracting almost 750,000 viewers each night.

The show sustained an average audience of 350,000 people in each of its first two weeks on the air.

The Imelda May Show goes out on a prime-time RTE One slot on Sundays, and the songstress is joined by a range of guests who perform and chat.

Reaction from the critics has been mixed, but the mum-of-one need hardly worry, nabbing herself over a fifth of the audience share on both nights.

The down-to-earth Dub has endeared herself to fans over the years with her talent and sense of fun.

Now it seems that her candour and wit are doing her huge favours as she takes her first real dive onto the small screen.

Imelda (40) has dipped her toes into the world of presenting before for RTE, fronting special one-off live shows.

She previously admitted to having never planned a TV career – but so far so good for the hard-working musician. 

RTE gave the green light for a four-part series with the potential to extend the show’s run if it went down well.

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Though RTE have yet to make an announcement, at the halfway stage the show is going down a treat.

The shrewd Dub modelled the show on BBC’s popular Later With Jools Holland – and Imelda knew that if that format wasn’t broken there was no point in her trying to fix it.

Fittingly Holland was a guest on her debut show. The musician-turned-host is also the man she credits for her first big break in the UK when he invited her onto his show. 

Imelda’s show is primarily focused on showcasing Irish talent and she will be trying to keep it mostly homegrown over the next fortnight.

With a roster of impressive names coming in the last two shows – including Sinead O’Connor, ladies man Paulo Nutini, and international hit Hozier – her audiences are sure to stay tuned in.


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