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'I'm the star of everyone's Snapchat stories' - meet the 10 in-your-face Love Island Australia contestants

Love Island Australia's Millie
Love Island Australia's Millie
Millie, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

There's just one week of Love Island UK remaining and if you're already wondering how you'll ease your withdrawals, wonder no more as Love Island Australia kicks off tonight.

Airing immediately after the UK version on 3e (at 10.05pm), the first episode introduces the first ten contestants (plus a surprise eleventh) and, having watched a preview, I can confirm they make the UK crew seem humble, kind, and selfless by comparison.

Several egos are unceremoniously demolished and there's plenty of drama on tonight's episode so buckle-up - it's going to be a gruelling couple of months.  Here are their entry interviews - worth reading again once you've seen what unfolds tonight...

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Millie (24), Animal Handler, Sydney, NSW

li millie.JPG
Millie, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I'm the star of everyone's Snapchat stories, screaming my head off, dancing on tables, running through water fountains, breaking my shoes, getting naked.  I can be convinced to do just about anything for a laugh, I haven't found my limit yet."

About: Animal loving, party-girl who's "a bit spicy".  Will always stick up for herself and her friends and doesn't shy away from confrontations.

Dating status: Single for two years but ready to find somone.  Her last relationship lasted four years.

Looking for: Someone who could understand her sense of humour, someone sexy and passionate who can make her laugh.  Looking for her partner in crime.

Motivation for going on Love Island: She has a habit of running away from commitment.  Love Island will forcer her to stick it out and give a relationship a go.


Cassidy (23), Barmaid, Melbourne, VIC

li cassidy.JPG
Cassidy, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I'm a country girl at heart!"

About: Loves reading raunchy romance novels.  A total tomboy and an easy girl to please. She admits to being shy around guys and new people and can be socially awkward.

Dating status: Single for two years, previous relationship was four years.

Looking for: Tattooed guys, laid back, sporty, kind and loves the outdoors.  She loves the surfer look, chivalry and old school manners.

Motivation: Hopes to find true romance - or at least end her eight month dry spell.


Erin (23), Nurse, Melbourne, VIC

li erin.JPG
Erin, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I want to find love but I bet I don't as all the guys will be so hot, I'll just want to make out with every single one of them."

About: Erin is half Portuguese.  She dropped out of school in year 10.  Nobody thought she would pass her nursing degree but she has proven everyone wrong.  She's a girl's girl and defends her friends even if they are in the wrong.  She's not shy of confrontation and describes herself as very loud and stubborn.

Dating status: Single for nine months after her three year long-term relationship ended.

Looking for: A feisty, emotional, honest partner. Big muscles, tattoos, nice teeth and tanned.  Someone funny, talkative and no mummy's boys.  He must love Disney movies, exercising, tanning and having lazy Sundays.

Motivation: She's struggling to find love on her own and has nearly given up.


Natasha (24), Beautician, Perth, WA

li natasha.JPG
Natasha, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I've been on so many dates, especially in the last couple of months.  I went on a date every single night and there was nobody I had that spark with."

About: Hates being called fake.  Admits she's very stubborn.  Has never been embarrassed about anything.

Dating status: Single for give months, previously dating multimillionaires and experienced the luxury lifestyle.  Was with her ex for two years and thought they would marry.

Looking for: Tall, tanned men with big muscles.  Goals are essential.  Having a boat would be a plus.

Motivation: Believes Love Island could have someone special enough to make her fall in love.


Tayla (21), Beauty Queen, Perth, WA

li tayla.JPG
Tayla, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I am hard to handle at times but when I am in love I will do anything to make that person happy."

About: Represented WA as a finalist for Miss Universe 2015.  Family is important - they have to approve of who she brings home.  Amateur boxer.

Dating status: Single for one year. She has pulled away from the dating scene as she doesn't trust men anymore.  Her last relationship ended after two years.  She admits she lost part of herself in that relationship.

Looking for: Must be taller than her.  She usually goes for guys with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Hates clingy guys.  Wants a guy with a stable job and driven and family orientated.

Motivation: She wants to find a guy that wants to get to know her for who she really is with no pre-conceived ideas formed through an Instagram filter.


Justin (27), International Model, Melbourne, VIC

li justin.JPG
Justin, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"Having the balance between modelling and as a concreter for my dad's business is like sharing my masculinity and femininity."

About: Never dates because he is afraid of rejection.  Justin has lived in five countries and his work as a top model has made it tough for him to hold down a relationship or find "the one". He enjoys his work as a concreter in the company of his tradie father and to be one of the blokes in a less superficial environment.

Dating status: Single for two years after a four month relationship ended.

Looking for: An elegant woman, someone who is fit, motivated, loyal, funny, beautiful and wants to be with him all the time. He wants to be married within five years.

Motivation: To meet someone special in an environment where his personality can shine.


Charlie (22), Rugby star, Sydney, NSW

li charlie.JPG
Charlie's an international rugby player, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I'm not the one night stand guy anymore."

About: Charlie is one of eight children (five brothers, two sisters) and plays the guitar and can sing.  Remains unbeaten in an 'eye-off' contest.  Has represented Australia at the Commonwealth Gamges.

Dating status: Single for a year and a half.  Longest relationship was five months.  Said he was loyal, fun, very immature and adventurous.  Now he is definitely more wary in his dating life, and tends to find out more about them, uncover their home truths before he allows himself to fall.

Looking for: A girl he'd be proud to take home to his mum.  Blonde or brunette, prefers at least a C cup, above 5ft, blue or green eyes.  Athletic/sporty.

Motivation: He wants to focus solely on love instead of his rugby career.


Eden (25), Prison Guard, Sydney, NSW

li eden.JPG
Eden, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"Don't care if I'm labelled the bad guy."

About: Tends to laugh in the face of confrontation but he doesn't hold back if he doesn't like someone.  Can give "a hell of a lap dance".  Enjoys boxiing.  Doesn't like long walks on the beach as he prefers skinny dipping and a porn star martini to spice things up.

Dating status: Has been single for six months.  Used to think he was in love but then he got bored being with the same girl.

Looking for: Girls with a wild personality, funny, good banter, risk-taker.

Motivation: He has high standards and wants to find someone who matches his standards.


Josh (25), Sports Admin, Sydney, NSW

li josh.JPG
Josh, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I have a problem that I think is genetic and I can't help it!  I have a wandering eye and a fascination with all women.  A girl will fall in love with me on the first date and I with her, but I may fall in love three times that night."

About: The worst thing Josh has done is tell a mate he wouldn't get with their girlfriend and then he did.  Finds nothing more entertaining and hilarious than instigating confrontation, then watching it all unfold.  Addicted to anything about space travel.

Dating status: Has been single for 18 months.  Last relationship lasted a year.  Has never been in love but really wants to experience it.

Looking for: Needs to be very fit and good-looking.  Age doesn't phase him.  Loves blue or green eyes.

Motivation: Hot girls!

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Grant (22), Tradie, Canberra, ACT

li grant.JPG
Grant, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

"I get pissed off when people question me about finding love at such a young age.  Hopefully I'll find my future wife on Love Island."

About: Grant is most confident with his shirt off.  Grant still lives at home with his parents and siblings. He recently bought his little brother his first car.  He's an Elvis fan and his mates have nicknamed him Elvis.

Dating status: Single for a year and a half.  Last relationship lasted two years.  He's only been in love with his first love at the age of 16.

Looking for: Someone confident, tanned, loves the outdoors, sports and going to the gym and just enjoying life in general. 

Motivation: He wants to find his future wife as he wants to have kids and buy a house sooner rather than later.

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