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'I’m not Frank Underwood, I’m an actor named Kevin Spacey' - House of Cards star insists he isn't like devious character


House of Cards, Netflix

House of Cards, Netflix

Melinda Sue Gordon

House of Cards, Netflix

Kevin Spacey often has to remind people he isn't Frank Underwood.

The 55-year-old is currently wowing the world as the politician on Netflix show House of Cards, which has just released its third series.

Despite leaving the character behind when he finishes filming, people still believe he and Frank hold similar qualities - an assumption the actor insists is far from the truth.

“Very often we get questions that [suggest] nobody has a clue we are actually paid to pretend we are other people. What planet do you live on, where you can’t tell the difference anymore? Have we become so celebrity-obsessed that there is no longer a difference between a character and an actor? I hope not," he sighed to New York Daily News.

“That’s a complete falsehood. That’s like saying in order to play Richard III, I have to have murdered people to get to where I am... People sometimes have to be reminded, I’m not Frank Underwood. I’m an actor named Kevin Spacey.”

Kevin's co-star Robin Wright, who plays his onscreen wife Claire, had a slightly different view on the subject. She pointed out that many actors take on roles because they can relate to them and this can make things confusing when separating the character from the real-life star.

She was happy to take the attention away from Kevin during the interview, too.

“I’m Frank Underwood!” she laughed following his comments.

The show has garnered fans in high places since its humble beginnings in 2013. US President Barack Obama is one of them. Robin recently revealed Obama told her he isn't as bad as the ruthless Frank, but his wife Michelle is just as mischievous as Claire.

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