Saturday 16 November 2019

'I'm not a plonker!' - Joe Wicks jokes about 'stitch up' with meat eaters following Late Late Show appearance

Audience members try Joe Wicks' recipes on The Late Late Show
Audience members try Joe Wicks' recipes on The Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Joe Wicks has joked about being stitched up the Late Late Show on Friday night.

Wicks, aka 'The Body Coach', was on the show to promote his new book 'Veggie Lean in 15' and prepared some veggie meals for audience members to try.

The tasters were avid meat eaters and Wicks took to Instagram following the show to joke about the segment in his stories.

"Two words, 'stitch up', yeah?' he said.  "I'm on TV in Ireland, a nation of meat lovers and farmers and I've got some of my veggie recipes out on the table, because, you know, I'm promoting my new book and someone's going to come and try it from the audience.

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Joe Wicks on his Instagram stories

"There's a woman who eats meat seven days a week, proper carnivore, full on hardcore meat eater.  She loves it.  Second one is a student who's studying agricultural farming because his family's got a bloody cow farm," he told his 2.5m followers.

"So they both try the food live on TV.  They have a bang on it.  They're like... you can see they're not into it and they're being polite and having a chew a little bit and stuff.  Tough crowd but, you know, roll with it."

He continued, "You go on national TV and you feed them a cauliflower steak and you're labelled a plonker, yeah?  And that is the game.  I'm not a plonker!"

However, he went on to explain he was joking and he "wasn't offended at all".

"No, all jokes aside, I wasn't offended at all," he said.  "I found it really funny. So thanks for having me on the show Ryan.  I really enjoyed it.  I got to see Hozier live.  It was amazing.  And if you ever invite me back I'll be there in a heartbeat."

Aside from the recipes, there was one aspect of Joe's appearance on the show that did not escape the eagle eyes of some viewers on social media.  One audience member appeared to look a little unimpressed when he arrived in studio:

You can watch the interview and full show on the RTE Player

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