Friday 15 November 2019

'I'll do what everyone else does, use it as a piece of furniture' - wheelchair user who won treadmill on TV show

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The Price is Right contestant who uses a wheelchair and won a treadmill as a prize has joked she'll "do what everyone else does" and "use it as a piece of furniture".

Danielle Perez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel this week to talk about the awkward moment that went viral with over 1m views earlier this week.

Of what she was thinking when she won the exercise equipment, she said, "I was just focused on cash and prizes."

And she plans on keeping the treadmill - "I guess I'll just do what everyone else does, just use it as a piece of furniture."

Kimmel made up for The Price is Right gaffe somewhat by offering Danielle a prize - a "wheelchair-accessible" Royal Caribbean cruise.

The from The Price is Right shows Perez winning the treadmill to applause from the audience.

Speaking to CNN, she said that it was the applause that made her realise it wasn't a cruel joke.

"There was no irony in their cheers or applause".

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