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'If you have a good sob story, you'll do well' - BGT's Lords of Strut star Cian Kinsella


Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut star Cian Kinsella has said he believes reality programmes such as Ireland's Got Talent are TV shows first and talent shows second.

The Cork man reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent with Cormac Mohally last year, but far from talent being the most important factor, Kinsella reckons having a "sob story" can also get you far.

"It's a TV show first and a talent show second. If you have a good sob story, you'll do well," he said.

"It's a TV show, it's kind of a competition, but it's more of a TV show than a competition.

"They're making a TV show, rather than it being a pure talent show."

Lords of Strut perform their circus act in character.

"There needs to be a likeability as well, it isn't just about the act," Kinsella said.

"We didn't have a sob story, we did it all in character. We didn't want to go down that route at all.

"The producers were really supportive in doing it as a comedy thing."

A year on, Kinsella believes the show has ultimately benefited the Lords of Strut.

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"We've been way busier. It's helped people get to know us," he said.


"It's fun being a cult act that only some people know about, but it's good, it brought us to a whole new audience."

Despite their years of performing, the pair still get nervous before shows.

"We recently launched a new show and we were both bricking it beforehand. It just depends on the gig. We did the 3Arena and were both nervous," he said.

Lords of Strut will be performing at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs festival on May 31 in Hotel Kilkenny and on June 1 in Langton's Ballroom.

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