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'I'd give it a shot but I'd be amazed if they asked me' - Jonathan Ross rules himself out of Top Gear


Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has said he would be "amazed" if he was asked to present Top Gear should Jeremy Clarkson not return, although he would "happily give it a go".

Ross, who presents his own chat show on ITV, has appeared on Top Gear several times but said he's not knowledgeable enough about cars to present the show.

Speaking to Rick O'Shea on his show on 2FM, Ross said, "I would be amazed if my name was ever considered.  I'm not someone who's known for being what they call a petrolhead.  I'm not really a big car person.

"I have cars, I enjoy driving cars, I enjoy the convenience of motor vehicle transportation but I'm not really one of those guys."

The show, which is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is in turmoil at the moment following Clarkson's suspension for a confrontation with producer Oisin Tymon.

"Part of the fun of that show of course is the entertainment that those guys bring to it but at the same time we understand and accept they all do know about cars and they love cars," said Ross.

"So I'd very much doubt they'd want someone like me who doesn't know much about it.  That would be an entirely different show.  I'd give it a shot but I'm just saying I'd be amazed if they asked me.  I'd happily give it a go.

"But you do need people who live and breathe cars and Clarkson, James and the other little fell, they are all car nuts."

Ross added that he was "surprised" by recent events.

"I've been on the show a couple of times and it always seems to be a friendly and happy set so I'm surprised at what's going on at the moment."

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