Saturday 14 December 2019

'I would see there's a place for two of them at RTE' - Kathryn Thomas on The Voice of Ireland and Ireland's Got Talent

Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Kathryn Thomas has said she believes there could be a place at RTE for both The Voice of Ireland and Ireland's Got Talent.

A report this weekend had suggested that the Irish singing talent show would finish after the current fifth season with the Irish version of Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent taking the primetime Sunday evening slot on RTE One.

"I've heard that and I'm not going to comment bar I'll say that The Voice is doing great ratings, again the guys are doing a fantastic job," said show host Kathryn.

The 37-year-old presenter echoed a statement issued by RTE to yesterday in which the broadcaster said the series averages half a million viewers.

"As is the case every year with the Voice of Ireland a decision on re-recommissioning will happen after the current run has ended. This is normal practice for RTE with a series of this nature," continued the statement.

The series had also been expected to end after the last season but emerged victorious from the commissioning process in early 2015.

In the UK The Voice and Britain's Got Talent may well co-exist on ITV next year as ITV has bought The Voice from the BBC.

Kathryn believes it may be possible to have a similar situation at RTE.

"[They're] two different formats.  We all love singing.  We're a country that has amazing artists.  I don't know if anybody else would agree with me but I would see there's a place for two of them," she said.

The Voice is broadcast in both Ireland and Britain from January every year while Britain's Got Talent airs later in the year.

Both series have come under criticism for failing to produce successful popstars, although Kathryn feels it still has something to offer budding artists.

"It hasn't happened yet but I think in Ireland, Ireland is so small and I thin what it does for artists is it provides a platform," she said.

"You look at the likes of Conor Quinn, you look at Pat [Byrne], people like that who are still making their way in the music industry and now starting to make waves and I think that's an important message to recognise it hasn't made a pop star yet as such over here but what it does provide is a platform for artists to get their name and their face and their voice out there."

The Voice of Ireland live shows kick off on March 17.  In the meantime, Kathryn is gearing up for the Operation Transformation finale on Thursday February 25 (RTE One, 8.30pm).

She will also fill in for Ray D'Arcy on Radio One this summer and is working on a pilot show, which she revealed little about, apart from the fact it is not centred around fitness.

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