Wednesday 11 December 2019

I won't throw my toys out of the pram over rival toy show, says Tubridy

The Late Late Toy Show, Friday, RTE 1, 9.35PM
The Late Late Toy Show, Friday, RTE 1, 9.35PM
RTE presenter, Ryan Tubridy, sings with children from St Margarets National School at the St Vincent De Paul 2014 Annual Appeal. Picture credit: Damien Eagers 19/11/2014
Ryan Tubridy with the performers on set of the Late Late toy Show last year
Robin Schiller

By Robin Schiller

TV3 is airing its Toy Show a week before the Late Late's, but host Ryan Tubridy has insisted he won't be throwing his toys out of the pram over it.

The Brian McFadden and Karen Koster-fronted TV3 programme will go out tomorrow night, and Tubridy wished them well with the broadcast.

"I'll be rehearsing for my own show on Friday night, so I'll have to watch a replay of it. I wish them well - I'm not going to get in a row over a Toy Show," he said.

Tubridy offered McFadden a few words of advice on interacting with the show's children.

"They're smarter than you think," he said.

"I don't think he needs advice, but one thing - treat the children like children but don't patronise them."

The Late Late Toy Show - which saw 100,000 people apply for audience tickets - is on next Friday, November 28.

Tubridy also revealed that he has received some "bonkers" Christmas jumper ideas to wear on this year's programme.

"I've seen some of them, and I don't mean this disrespectfully, but they're quite bonkers," he said. "They have come from the minds of some seriously talented craftsmen and women, but mainly women."

Meanwhile, Tubridy said 2fm is "alive and well" in response to a claim by DJ Tony Fenton that it's "dead".

Today FM's Fenton advised Tubridy to leave 2fm, but the 41-year-old presenter has said he has no plans to jump ship.

He said Fenton has "always been a friend" and that he wouldn't "get into a spat with him" over his remarks.

The 2fm listenership has fallen since he took over in 2010 from the late Gerry Ryan, whose ratings at one stage reached almost 300,000.

However, recent figures revealed the show gained an extra 27,000 listeners in the past 12 months.

Tubridy said the show went through a transitional period in order to find its "groove", and that despite it taking time he feels it has finally "got it right, or is coming close to it".


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