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'I was shocked - this is a family programme' - some viewers upset by violence on Fair City's Sunday night double bill



Emmet realised that Ciaran is Katy's captor

Emmet realised that Ciaran is Katy's captor

Emmet realised that Ciaran is Katy's captor

Some viewers have expressed their shock at the violence in Fair City's double bill episode on Sunday night.

The episode saw dramatic developments in the year-long Katy kidnapping storyline as one character pretended to poison another and dealt him two kicks as he lay on the floor.

Katy's brother Emmet found out that Ciaran had been hiding his sister all along and confronted him which resulted in a fight and Ciaran forcing Emmet to drink what he thought was poison in exchange for his sister's life.

Speaking to Philip Boucher Hayes on Joe Duffy's Liveline on RTE Radio 1 on Monday, several viewers expressed their shock at the dramatic scenes.

"It's family viewing time and I just felt it wasn't right," said the first caller, who objected to the violence rather than the drinking of the poison.

Caller Helen said she felt it was "dreadful" and added, "I was shocked because I like Fair City.  It's a lovely programme but this aspect of it now I do not like.

"It's dangerous really.  We hear and see enough of violence and gunnings and shootings and everything else besides so seeing it demonstrated live as it were..."

Sandra agreed with the previous callers but her main issue was with the suicide aspect.

"I think the part where Emmet was being made to drink this - what we thought was poison - was really sort of horrific.  Also being made to write a suicide note to his family.  With everything going on in Ireland with the suicide rate in this country this was just horrendous."

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Boucher Hayes pointed out that everyone watching knew it was not suicide but murder.

"He was having to write a note as if it was going to be suicide and he had to do this in order to save his sister," added Sandra.  "It shocked me.  He was actually thrown this pen and paper, 'There you go, write your last moments'.  It was psychological terror."

However, caller Pat felt RTE did an excellent job with the storyline.

"I thought it was fantastic, absolutely," he said.  "I'd be a big fan of RTE.  They did a fantastic job there.  You have to take it in context.  It's melodrama.  It's a controversial storyline.  It was really well acted, super production, really superb.  Everyone in RTE should take a bow.  Everyone is speaking about it on a Monday."

Despite her objection, Sandra then added that she "will of course" watch again, "because it's fascinating".

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