Tuesday 12 November 2019

'I was set up' by TV3 ahead of my 'liar' outburst, says George Hook

The Late Review with Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3 (Photo: TV3)
The Late Review with Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3 (Photo: TV3)
The Late Review with Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3 (Photo: TV3)
The Late Review with Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3 (Photo: TV3)

Emma Jane Hade

Broadcaster George Hook has claimed that he was "set up" after a live interview with Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3 became heated.

The two became engaged in a heated discussion about women's rights and a number of other issues when she probed him about his reputation for making controversial remarks

Hook, who is currently writing an erotic novel, then accused her of calling him a "liar" and a "fake".

The drivetime Newstalk presenter then threatened to walk off the show and yesterday branded Tuesday night's broadcast as one of the most "unprofessional programmes" he had ever appeared on.

"I was asked to come on the show to talk about the Rugby World Cup and to talk about the abusive letter I got last March.

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"I wasn't asked to come on the show [to talk] about my attitude to women or my attitude to rape or anything else, so I was set up," the 74-year-old said.

During the interview (see video below) Colette said, "There's a difference now between speaking your mind and being controversial and saying things for the sake of winding people up, and you like it."

George responded by saying it was an "outrageous accusation" and added, "All you are doing is feeding in to the kind of stereotype for which I have to battle every single day.  And that stereotype is that this guy says that, not because he believes it, he says that in order to create controversy. 

"You're calling me a fake!"

Colette denied calling him a fake but he continued to rant, "Of course you're calling me a fake!  You're saying this guy doesn't believe a word he says, he just says it to stir controversy, and if you think you can call me a fake and a liar I'll do what the president of SIPTU did on Vincent Browne which is to whip off the microphone and walk out of this studio.

"That's outrageous and don't tell me about implied consent and then just because you're a woman feel you can call me fake."

A spokesperson for TV3 last night denied George's claim that he was set up, saying: "To say he was invited on the show under false pretences is completely untrue. George was informed what was going to be discussed before appearing on the show."

There is no lasting damage as Hook will return to TV3 next week to host the 'Seven O'Clock Show'.

The fracas breaks out at around the 6.05 mark in the video below and really starts to heat up at 11.10.

Video provided by ‘The Late Review', which airs Monday to Thursday at 11pm on TV3.

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