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I was left scarred by filming in corsets - Rebellion's Sarah Greene

Rebellion picture
Rebellion picture
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Sarah Greene has spent the year filming in corsets and said she has the scars to prove it.

The Cork native plays May Lacey, one of the lead characters in RTE's 1916 drama, Rebellion and has also worn period costumes for her role in Penny Dreadful.

"I have scars all over my body from corsets - no lie," she told the Herald.

"As John Logan [writer of Sky drama Penny Dreadful] said, men put women in corsets so they wouldn't take over the world - and it's true.

'Rebellion' has already been picked up by Sundance TV, which was founded by Robert Redford
'Rebellion' has already been picked up by Sundance TV, which was founded by Robert Redford

"I didn't have to do much running in this, but some people did and you're so weak when you wear one.

"If you eat anything it just sits in your chest for the day, it's just not comfortable - they're barbaric," she added.

Suffering for her art aside, Sarah said she jumped at the chance to take on a strong female role.

"We usually play the girlfriend or the wife, the stock characters, and I was so excited when I read the script and it was about these strong women," she said. "[The fact that it was told from a female point of view] was a very big pull for me.

"These are strong, powerful women that aren't talked about in Irish history."

"They're not recognised at all," she added.

The story of Easter Week 1916 is told from the perspective of Sarah's character May, Elizabeth Butler played by Charlie Murphy and Ruth Bradley's character Frances.

Writer Colin Teevan decided to create fictional characters rather than choosing historical personalities such as Countess Markievicz because it allowed him "more freedom".

"I wanted to write about characters who have stuff going on in their lives and then the Rising happens," he said.

"To have picked one of the historical characters would have given a skewed perspective.

"Also you have to respect the dead and their descendants.

"To talk about Countess Markievicz's affair with James Connolly or whatever would just be insulting," he added.

The highly-anticipated drama is the most expensive show ever produced by RTE, with a budget of €6m.

The production also received funding from Sundance in the US and will be screened there later this year.

"I have loads of mates in America who are so excited about seeing this," Sarah said.

"They're obsessed with Irish history and there's a real buzz about it in the States already - among my friends anyway."

Rebellion starts on January 3 on RTE One and runs for five weeks.

RTÉ plans second series of 'Rebellion'  


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