Wednesday 16 January 2019

'I was defeated' - Kathryn Thomas reveals heartbreak at suffering two miscarriages

Kathryn Thomas with fiance Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Marc O'Sullivan
Kathryn Thomas with fiance Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Marc O'Sullivan

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Kathryn Thomas has revealed her heartbreak at suffering two miscarriages since she began trying to conceive with her fiancé Padraig McLoughlin.

The 38-year-old TV presenter is currently 27 weeks pregnant with her first child but has said that the difficult journey over the last three years left her "defeated".

The Operation Transformation host appeared on Friday night's The Late Late Show and said that she suffered a miscarriage six weeks in to her first pregnancy when she was on holidays in the Greek islands.

"We were trying and nine months came and went, and then finally - and you're starting to lose faith, and you're starting to go 'what are we doing? have I left it too late?' and all of that, and essentially - we got pregnant and we were over the moon."

"We had booked a holiday to Greece, my favourite place in the world, took off to the Greek islands, and I was six weeks when I had my first miscarriage which happened out there."

"I had to get a boat and then into a hospital in Athens where nobody was speaking any English, and it was the most horrific experience."

Kathryn Thomas is expecting her first child
Kathryn Thomas is expecting her first child

She explained: "Because of our line of work, I'd interviewed so many women who'd gone through miscarriage, and I had done the research, and I knew statistically one in four women have a miscarriage... I'm very upbeat and when it happened to me, it completely floored me."

The presenter said she decided to stay positive and keep in mind that miscarriage is part of the pregnancy process.

"We got home and I said, we were unlucky, we were unfortunate, so many women go through it, not a lot of women talk about it, but so many women go through it."

"It was another eight months before we got pregnant for the second time and I was absolutely bricking it," she told presenter Ryan Tubridy.

"You're nervous, you're anxious."

When everything appeared healthy during the six week scan into her second pregnancy, Kathyrn said herself and Padraig went out to dinner to celebrate.

"Got the all clear, and went for lunch, and celebrated because I kind of felt like six weeks was when it all went wrong for me the last time, and then that night, I miscarried again for the second time."

"That hit me like a ton of bricks. It was very difficult to stay positive because all of my life, all of my job... everything that I do, for me it's like one of the best things in the world is instilling positivity and self belief..."

But yet, she said she felt "all of this self doubt, did I leave it too late, am I working out too hard, am I eating the right thing...?"

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"You go through self-blame, you go through 'why me', you go through 'is it ever going to happen' and it's very testing on a relationship as well."

When the couple attended the six week scan for their third pregnancy, Kathryn said that the sonographer wasn't happy with the strength of the heartbeat and told her to return in another ten days.

"Ordinarily I am a problem solver but for those ten days I was defeated. I was on the radio an hour later - I was filling in for Ray D'Arcy at the time - and I've no idea what I said.

"Luckily we went in ten days later and there was a healthy happy baby and that's hopefully that's what's happening here."

Last November, Kathryn took to Instagram to share the news that she was pregnant, by sharing a photo of her two pet dogs.

"Our next baby might not be as hairy or have a tail like these two but will be equally as cute. Roll on spring time 2018," she wrote.

Kathryn told Ryan that she doesn't as yet know the gender of the baby - "himself is having none of it" - the new addition to their family is due in the first week of April.

She said that she decided to share her story as "it is still a taboo subject in Ireland".

"I just think it needs to be part, and considered to be part, of the pregnancy process, because it is," she said.

"It's taken us three long years... until I have a baby in my arms, it's still kind of weird for me to talk about it, but if it gives anybody hope out there that you can get to a place, and just to try and stay as positive as you can, even when you don't feel it, that would be the only piece of advice I'd give to any couples out there."

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