Thursday 23 January 2020

'I want to have a wild time with Bono and Graham' - Bear Grylls

Graham Norton

He's brought celebs like US President Barack Obama, Zac Efron and Courteney Cox into the wilderness and Bear Grylls has revealed Bono and Graham Norton are also in his sights.

The survival expert has worked with lots of A-listers on his shows Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Mission Survive, but the U2 frontman and the chat show host have so far evaded him.

"I would love to take Bono," he told the Herald.

The 42-year-old, who was born in Co Down, said he tries to find celebrities with an air of mystery about them for his shows.

"We always try and take people that everyone knows, but don't really know.

"That's the key for our Running Wild shows - famous people, but with an enigma," he said.

"Everyone knows Obama but no one knows what he's going to be like climbing up and down a mountain. I think Bono would be cool."

Grylls has previously been a guest on The Graham Norton Show and reckons the Cork native would also make a welcome addition to the wilderness.

"Graham Norton would be a good one for an ITV2 show," he said.

Grylls will be coming to Ireland later this year as part of his upcoming tour Endeavour, which comes to Dublin's 3 Arena on October 19.

"One of the reasons that I'm excited to come to Ireland is that it's such a big part of my family's life for generations. I left when I was about four, but it's amazing to go back and we still have so many good friends there," he said.

"On our tours, we've got to do Belfast, and one of my best buddies in life is from Dublin. He's been saying from the start, 'Whatever you do, you have to come to Dublin'."

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