Tuesday 26 March 2019

'I thought I was done after falling on dancefloor' - Fred Cooke survives DWTS dance off

Fred Cooke and Giulia Dotta dancing during show Seven of Dancing With The Stars .kobpix
Fred Cooke and Giulia Dotta dancing during show Seven of Dancing With The Stars .kobpix
Fred Cooke and Emily Barker during the Sixth live show of Dancing With The Stars . NO FEE FOR REPRO/kobpix
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Comedian Fred Cooke has admitted he feared "I was done" after taking a tumble on Dancing With The Stars.

Stand-up Fred failed to do even that much on Sunday night when he fell to the dancefloor during the first dance-off of the series, against 18-year-old opponent Demi Isaac Oviawe.

Many viewers went online to air their discontent that The Young Offenders actress was voted off the RTE show despite staying on her feet.

"I thought I was done," said Fred. "I feel very, very lucky to have survived. I'm going to miss Demi an awful lot.

"When I fell, I either cried and walked away, or I finished the song. It was only right for Giulia and for the viewers - people who voted for me.

"I have so many people in Kells, Leinster, Cavan, all over voting for me. All the kids who love the show - I did it for them.

"You just keep going, you can't stop. I put an awful lot of work into that."

Fred had scored his highest points of the series thanks to his comedy prowess and rapid foot movement for the quickstep to Barry Manilow's Dancin' Fool.

The couple scored 24 from the judges, causing the comedian to throw his hands into the air in elation.

Actress Demi, who had struggled throughout the competition, scored 21 for her Viennese waltz with dance partner Kai Widdrington to Alicia Keys' song Fallin'.

And the performance seemed to finally prove the schoolgirl had what it took to stay in the race.

Guest judge Darren Bennett told Demi she had become a "beautiful, enigmatic performer", but this approval wasn't enough to keep the actress safe from the dance-off.

And although Demi provided a flawless performance under pressure and the comedian fell on his knee mid-way, he still survived after impressing judge Brian Redmond earlier.

The funnyman has also revealed he lost around a stone during the intensive regime for the show and joked his stress levels had been so high he felt he'd surely lost "another stone" after Sunday night.

Meanwhile, his partner Giulia had to deal with being up against her pro dancer boyfriend Kai in the bottom two.

"You have to be against someone at the end of the day, it's our job," she said.

"But I'm really upset about Demi and Kai because I thought this dance was probably their best one and it happened to be ours as well."

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