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'I shed real tears at Kerri-Ann's funeral' - Fair City actor Dave O'Sullivan

Kerri Ann's funeral, Fair City, RTE One
Kerri Ann's funeral, Fair City, RTE One

Jim Gallagher

Fair City actor Dave O’Sullivan may play hard man Decco, but he shed real tears filming the brutal murder of his character’s estranged wife, and mother of his child, Kerri-Ann.

The 34-year-old Dubliner said he and co-stars Stephanie Kelly and Martha Fitzpatrick, who play Decco’s sisters Sash and Charlotte, didn’t need fake tears in the emotional scenes because co-star Jenny Dixon was leaving the show after five years.

“They were real tears. It was such a big bag of emotions across the episodes,” said Dave. “There was joy at the start of the week and then all that stuff in the house was shot over two days and it was hard.

“You would finish one day and you’d be sad and crying and , then you have to go home and be your other self, and then the next day you come in and pick up where you left off.

Kerri Ann's funeral, Fair City, RTE One
Kerri Ann's funeral, Fair City, RTE One

“It was a real mix, and the fact that Jenny was leaving us made it a very sad week. The tears were all natural.”

Viewers were stunned on Wednesday night when Kerri-Ann was stabbed to death by Aoife, who had just discovered the woman who had killed her daughter Karen was planning to flee with a fake passport rather than face prison.

Aoife plunged a knife into Kerri-Ann in Decco’s kitchen just minutes after baby Samantha’s christening.

Dave said he loved the gripping storyline, which continued last night(Sunday)  with more emotional scenes at Kerri-Ann’s funeral.

Aoife stabs Kerri-Ann in Fair City
Aoife stabs Kerri-Ann in Fair City

“Social media blew up after the murder – and it’s not over yet,” he said.

Dave revealed that the Fair City set was already a quieter place without Jenny, with whom he shared countless scenes in recent years.

“We’ve been shooting the post-funeral scenes and it’s different already,” he said.

“That breath of fresh air has gone. Jenny was always fun to work with. She brought that sparkle with her and now we don’t have that, so we have to recreate our own kind of sparkle and fun.

“We had been going out with each other in the show for three years – we were engaged a couple of months and married the last two years.

“Now Decco is facing the world and it’s just him and Samantha. Everything has gone wrong for themand his daughter has lost her mother.”

In last night’s episode, Decco turned his anger on former best pal Mondo, played by George McMahon.

“There’s a scene where I aim a good deal of the eulogy at him. He blames Mondo for a lot of the bad stuff in his life and it has all led to this,” said Dave. “He blames Mondo for the fact they cheated behind his back, rather than Kerri-Ann. There’s a lot of anger that builds up over a while. You feel for him in a way, and you feel for Mondo.”

Dave said he was thrilled with the storyline, particularly in the week that Fair City celebrated its 29th birthday.

“You’re thankful the writers and producers trust you with something as big as that,” he said.

“Knowing it was Jenny’s last week as well, it was very tough on her. We were trying to keep her steady as we knew she was very anxious.

“We were trying our best to rally round her while also doing our work. There’s a very family feel on set, so we all kind of rally round each other to make sure everyone is on point.

“We were just hoping it paid off in the end and having watched the episode I think it did.”

Dave, who has been in Fair City for nearly 12 years, hopes to remain for many more.

“I love it. If they asked me to sign a contract for life, I’d do it,” he said. “Not many can say they love what they do and the people they work with.

“I’m lucky enough to be one of those people. I would never leave if I had the choice.

“The show is 30 next year, and the fact it still pulls in half-a-million viewers despite the amount of other platforms out there is incredible.

“It’s all down to team effort and long may it continue.”

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