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'I quit job because I was asked to clean a human turd on the pavement' - Sharon Horgan on a job she quit before Catastrophe

Sharon Horgan worked in a job centre for six years
Sharon Horgan worked in a job centre for six years
Sharon Horgan co-wrote show with Graham Linehan
Comedian and writer Sharon Horgan. Photo: PA Wire
Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney in their hit comedy Catastrophe
Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan

Sean O'Grady

Sharon Horgan has opened up about the early years of her career when she worked in a job centre as she tried to find work as an actress.

The Meath woman (47) was not fond of the work she had to do while she was trying to make it and recalled handing in her notice at the job after being asked to clean "a human turd" outside the office.

"I was working in a job centre for six years, that wasn't good.

"I was doing the odd play above pubs but really not getting anywhere and I think not trying, really," she said.

"If I tried, I might get it and fail. I'm guessing that's what it was. I was asked by my office manager one day if I could clean up the front of the building.

"I went out the front and there was a human turd on the pavement. I just went back in and handed in my notice."

Quitting the job ended up being a positive experience for Horgan, as she began an English degree at Brunel University in London, which led her to writing TV scripts.

"I went to university. Part of my degree was creative writing and that's what got me writing," she said.

Speaking on US journalist Katie Couric's podcast, the TV star told how she and co-star Rob Delaney would often incorporate their real-life experiences into their Channel 4 show Catastrophe - much to the chagrin of Horgan's husband Jeremy Rainbird.

"I think we said in the first series, we made up some ridiculous figure, like 47pc of it," she said.

"There was a bunch of stuff in the first series that was pulled from our lives.

"Jeremy kind of wishes that I dealt with my real-life problems the way my character deals with them in the show. She's kind of a more emotionally developed version of me. She works through them and comes out the other side. I store them up."

Horgan and Rainbird live in Hackney in London with their daughters Sadhbh (14) and Amer (10).

Speaking about her early years of motherhood, she said: "I really liked being a mum way more than I thought. I really like babies and I wanted to hang out with Sadhbh."

Horgan was already a mum when she found success in the entertainment industry with her BBC series Pulling in 2006, meaning she had to become productive in the hours she was on her own.

"If I was going to work, I had to make sure the time I was away from her was used productively and wisely," she said. "I would sit down at my desk and work solidly for those hours while I had a childminder.

"They've both turned out well, they're really nice girls. Nothing terrible has happened. I definitely give myself less of a hard time than I used to."

Horgan is currently filming the fourth series of Catastrophe and will star in comedy series Women On The Verge for RTE.

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