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'I looked like I played it safe last week' - Brendan Murray going out all guns blazing on X Factor stage tonight



Brendan Murray on the first live show of The X Factor

Brendan Murray on the first live show of The X Factor

Brendan Murray on the first live show of The X Factor

Irish X Factor hopeful Brendan Murray says he was "taken aback" by the high standard of his competition on the first X Factor live show.

The 21-year-old Galway native sang Ariana Grande's Break Free on the night and blew away his mentor Louis Tomlinson, as well as judges Ayda Field and Robbie Williams.

However, Simon Cowell, who had previously said Brendan was one of the best singers they had seen, said he found the first part of the song "boring" and Brendan has taken the feedback on board.

"I've learned from last week," Brendan tells Independent.  "Obviously I thought I was good last week.  Being honest I thought my performance was in tune, from my perspective and Louis’ perspective. 


"Simon had his criticism and he’s entitled to his opinion.  But I suppose compared to a lot of people, everyone came out with big, big songs and it took me aback a bit, kind of put me in a bad light because I looked like I played it safe. 

"When you hear everyone else it really makes you feel invisible a bit.  This weekend I’m going to make sure I stand out.  I’m really pushing it this week."

While the song choices have not yet been revealed, Brendan says it's a song he's "confident" with, even though it pushes him vocally.

"I’m looking forward to it," he says of tonight's performance.  "I think it’s a big song, so I just need to go out and nail it – no pressure! 

"It’s a song I’d know and I’m confident with the song, it’s just a lot of big notes so I’m hoping to reach them and perform to the best of my ability.  I think over-thinking it is a big part so I don’t want to over think it."

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Last week Olatunji Yearwood and Armstrong Martin were the first to be eliminated from the competition.  Armstrong had been in the Boys' category alongside Brendan.

"Louis has been in the house nearly every day," says Brendan.  "And with the thing with Armstrong we lost some of the lads as well.  It was very unexpected so he wanted to talk to us and make sure we were okay."

One element of this weekend he is not looking forward to is, of course, Sunday night's results show.

Standing in line, waiting to hear his name called to be put through to the next round was nothing short of "horrendous".

"I went out first thinking I’m just going to be calm and it’ll be fine but they didn’t call me out for the first few names.  And then when they called me fourth I thought they had called someone else," he recalls.

"I was looking around and just waited there for a second until Louis walked over and kind of pushed me away and said, ‘You’re through, go upstairs!’.  It’s really terrifying – you can’t describe it until you experience it."

Contrary to reports of friction in the X Factor house, Brendan says everyone is "getting on great".

"There’s no friction or anything, no enemies as such," he says.  "I don’t tend to let intimidation get to me.  There’s a lot of big voice and big singers and you want everyone to do well.  I go out with the right mindset I think.  You have to go out there as if you’re the best.  That’s the attitude you need I think."

The X Factor airs on Virgin Media One tonight at 8.25pm.

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