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Saturday 19 October 2019

'I haven't got the foggiest idea' - BBC journalist is as over Brexit as the rest of us

Chris Mason suggested BBC Breakfast viewers consult Mr Blobby

Chris Mason on BBC Breakfast
Chris Mason on BBC Breakfast
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

If you've been feeling a little sheepish because you don't know what a 'backstop' is or what the hell is going on with the Brexit negotiations generally, don't.

Even the experts are feeling exasperated at this stage, with BBC News Political Correspondent Chris Mason giving voice to the extent of that exasperation.

During his report on Brexit for BBC Breakfast, he said, "So where are we in all of this Brexit process? You know what?  People like me are paid, aren't we, do thave insight and foresight and hindsight about these things and to be able to project where we are going to go.

"To be honest, looking at things right now, I haven't got the foggiest idea what is going to happen in the coming weeks.  Is the Prime Minister going to get a deal with the EU?  Dunno.  Is she going to be able to get it through the Commons?  I don't know about that either."

Mason concluded by suggesting the BBC Breakfast news team consult a fictional character.

"I think you might as well get Mr Blobby back on to offer his analysis because frankly I suspect his is now as good as mine."

Mr Mason received a lot of praise for his honesty from people on Twitter.

"Brilliant honesty Chris.  I think some of our politicians could learn a lot from you!" wrote one.

Giles Dilnot added, "I once got into terrible dressing down from the former former editor of daily politics (not RG) for saying that....I think it's refreshingly honest....sometimes we DON'T know"

Another stated, "Honesty and humility in abundance."

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