Thursday 22 August 2019

'I hate them!' - Love Island girls are left 'fuming' as two new contestants meet the boys

Even the girls who ditched their dates are feeling miffed with the new arrivals

The Love Island girls had to watch the newcomers meet the boys (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)
The Love Island girls had to watch the newcomers meet the boys (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

The Love Island ladies were left fuming as two newcomers swept in and commanded all the attention – and viewers thought it was hilarious.

Late arrivals Rosie Williams and Georgia Steel moved into the villa in Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV2 reality show.

The female contestants had to wait on a terrace and watch as the boys met the new girls on the patio.

Dani Dyer, Hayley Hughes, Samira Mighty, Laura Anderson and Kendall Rae-Knight all confessed to feeling jealous and threatened as they watched the group flirt over champagne.

“I feel like I’m watching my boyfriend cheat on me,” moaned Dyer, while Mighty sneered about Steel: “She’s ballsy. She would nick your man. She would take him from your table and buy him a drink.”

Viewers saw the funny side of the girls’ reaction.

“The faces on those women. Livid. Oh my days hilarious,” one person posted on Twitter.

“Okay, now I’m watching. This is TV gold! So funny watching these girls bitching about the new girls!” said another.

But one viewer pointed out: “As funny as it is I’m proper surprised at how the girls have reacted, these lot are coming across like year 9s :s lol.”

“Watching the girls watching boys is making me laugh so much hahaha they’re so dramatic,” tweeted another.

The arrival of Steel and Williams meant dates for Niall Aslam and Alex George, who have both struggled to pair off.

Aslam was told he has a date with student Steel and George was matched up with solicitor Williams.

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Earlier the A&E doctor admitted he was fed up about not finding romance in the villa.

And when he heard two more women were coming in he was thrilled, quipping: “My wife’s coming in. Wife and mother of my children. You never know.”

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Fans are now crossing their fingers that George and Williams have chemistry.

“Highlight of my night is Alex getting a date,” tweeted one happy viewer.

Love Island continues on 3e.

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