Sunday 15 December 2019

I hate gran seeing steamy Fair City affair, says Shane as lover Heather reveals all to shocked pub tonight

Heather - Una Kavanagh Shane - Anthony Delaney
Heather - Una Kavanagh Shane - Anthony Delaney
Heather and Ellie

Eimear Rabbitt

He plays dishy doctor Shane Cawley on Fair City and actor Anthony Delaney said he has no problem puckering up for his steamy scenes.

There is just one drawback - the thought of his grandmother watching his on-screen antics.

Dr Shane's affair with Heather (Una Kavanagh) ends tonight - only for her to reveal the truth in front of everyone, including his heart-broken girlfriend Ama.

"Myself and Una got on great working together and we instantly had this thing where we just laughed going in to do those scenes," Anthony told the Herald.

"It's part of the gig so you just do it, but doing it on stage is very different to Fair City because I filmed those scenes and then I was like 'oh no is my granny going to be watching?'

"So that's a bit awkward," he added with a laugh.

In tonight's episode Shane ignores Heather’s calls and decides it’s time to tell Ama about the affair.  Heather meanwhile demands to meet Shane who tells her the affair is over, leaving her furious. 

Elsewhere Farrah has been doing her own research and comes to the conclusion that Heather has been making Ellie sick.

Ama and Shane meet in McCoy’s to have a drink.  While there Farrah decides to confront Heather in McCoys and asks why she lied about where she got the tablets from. 

Feeling the pressure, Heather announces in front of everyone, including Ama, that she lied about the tablets because got them from Shane and that the two are having an affair.

Heather appears slightly unhinged and Renee and Hughie become concerned for her wellbeing. 

Farrah meanwhile is keen to question Ellie about what really happened but Heather accuses Ama of putting the idea in her head because she was jealous. 

Heather meanwhile makes Ellie promise not to say anything about the medicine.


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