Saturday 25 May 2019

'I don't think that people in Ireland realise how funny they are' - Kerry Condon on Sharon Horgan's Women on the Verge

Kerry Condon
Kerry Condon

Jim Gallagher

Hollywood actress Kerry Condon has said she believes the Irish do not know quite how funny they are.

The Better Call Saul star, who can be seen tonight in RTE2's new Sharon Horgan comedy drama, Women On The Verge, insisted that other countries love Irish humour more than we do.

"There's a sense of humour that's very Irish that I think is appreciated in other countries a lot more than it even is in Ireland," said Condon (35), from Tipperary.

"I don't think that people in Ireland realise how funny they are, you know, and the way they phrase things and the level of honesty.

Eileen Walsh, Kerry Condon and Nina Sosanya in 'Women on the Verge'
Eileen Walsh, Kerry Condon and Nina Sosanya in 'Women on the Verge'

"Not that Irish people aren't sometimes pretentious or fake, but generally speaking the way they talk at least sounds honest and that's what these scripts have in them."

In Women On The Verge, Condon plays one of three women friends who feel life is passing them by.

Laura, a journalist in her 30s, is self-destructive and impulsive and is jealous of her two best friends, played by Catastrophe and Magdalene Laundries star Eileen Walsh, from Cork, and Londoner Nina Sosanya.

"My character isn't in a relationship and only has to take care of herself," Condon said. "I suppose she's a bit lost, really.

"She's trying hard at her career, but it's a bit mediocre, and I'm not even sure if it's something that she's that great at anyway because she hasn't got a lot of self-esteem.

"Then she's picking the wrong kind of guys as well, but she doesn't find nice guys attractive."

Laura's friends have children or are planning them, but they don't figure in her immediate plans.

"That's miles away for her. She'd just like a boyfriend or a promotion," said Condon.

"The lady who plays my mother, Dervla Molloy, said to me after the read-through, 'Did they write this with you in mind?' I was like, 'I know!'

"I'm not saying I'm drinking myself into oblivion, but there's a stream of consciousness in the way that I talk, and I'm very honest about things that annoy me, like Laura."

The actress said she loved being in the six-part series, set in Dublin, and didn't want to mess it up after Horgan gave her the part without auditioning.

"Sharon's pure gas," she said. "Some people can be intimidating, but there's not that feeling with her. I really enjoyed it."

Women On The Verge is on RTE2 tonight at 10.30pm


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