Saturday 20 July 2019

'I don’t think I have ever been in love' - Former RTE star on First Dates this week

Pat O'Mahony on First Dates. Photo: RTE
Pat O'Mahony on First Dates. Photo: RTE
Gemma on First Dates. Photo: RTE Newsdesk Newsdesk

A former RTE presenter is hoping to find love on First Dates this week.

Pat O’Mahony (56), who presented an RTE fashion show Head to Toe in the 90s, says he’s more surprised than anyone that he’s still single.

The TV and radio producer, who has a 26-year-old son whom he’s very close to, says he’s never been in love.

“I’m more surprised than anyone that I’m 56 and I’m single,” Pat told the Sunday World.

“I’ve never bought a house, I’ve never got married. I’ve never actually wanted to do either. It could have happened and that would have been fine, but they were never on my bucket list.”

“I’m amazed at how many people say that by a certain age they want to be married, they want to buy a house and start a family or whatever.”

“I’ve never lived with anyone,” he added. “It just never happened. If it happened I would have been well up for it, it just never happened.”

“I wasn’t a saint back in the day… I just never found the right woman.”

Pat who lives in Rathmines in Dublin, meets Gemma (41) from Sandymount in Dublin, and tells her that he’s never been in love.

“I don’t think I have ever been in love… I wonder how much is my fault. I do contemplate this and I don’t know the answer.”

O’Mahony, who was a household name when he presented the fashion show from 1989 to 1994, says he’s very close to his son.

 “I was there when he was born and was involved very much in bringing him up. We had lunch the other week and we are meeting for pizza next week and he’s important to me. I’m also still in touch with his mother.”

He also told the Sunday World that it was a “no-brainer” for him to go on the show, and he’s a massive fan of the format.

“I wasn’t hugely optimistic that anything would come out of it but I thought, why not, what’s there to lose?’”

O’Mahony says he’s looking for someone “who was into music, who thought the same about social and political issues”.

However he adds: “It’s whatever comes out in the mix and you never know until you’re in the middle of it.”

First Dates airs on RTE2 this Tuesday at 9.30pm.

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