Wednesday 18 September 2019

'I can see the fear in your eyes' - Peter Kay went rogue on the Late Late Show last night and everyone loved it

Peter Kay on the Late Late Show
Peter Kay on the Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Fresh from announcing a new UK and Ireland stand-up tour for 2018 and 2019, Peter Kay popped in to the Late Late Show on Friday night and was in ebullient form.

Kicking off with a the gag, "My first wife was way too young - Chinese she were," he added, "Can you say that?  That's not racist." and continued, "Just booked a Muslim rock'n'roll band - jihadi wadi."

Addressing host Ryan Tubridy, he said, "I can see the fear in your eyes!  What's the matter with you?  Don't get all PC on me now!"

Tubridy said he was loving it.

The actor, director, producer, author, and comedian spoke about his Irish family and the fact he has had a house in Tipperary for the past twelve years and come over for every school holidays.

"I don't talk about it because I don't want it to get robbed!"

Kay was happy to talk about his Irish family and places he has visited but when Tubridy asked him whether or not he has a tribute act he objected and took Tubridy's list of questions from him and began reading them out.

"I have a tribute act and he's £5 dearer than me," he continued.

He also told a story about his granny's funeral and being approached by a couple with "matching shell suits" and the lady said, "Psst, psst, Peter, i want to just tell you, you're the image of Elvis.  And I went, 'Excuse me, you're the image, why have you never done Elvis in one of your shows?  You're the image of him and you're the image of your mammy.'  My mam doesn't look like Elvis!"

Later he caused chaos in studio when he launched into a series of hymns sung in the style of Michael Buble, enlisting the help of a lovely lady in red from the audience.

At one point it looked like she was going to fall over, but she righted herself and gamely continued to jive with Kay.

People were loving the randomness:

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