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'I apologise for any hurt my foolish words have caused' - Vikings actor Elijah Rowen apologises for Fair City comments



Elijah Rowen. 
PIC: Elijah Rowen/Instagram

Elijah Rowen. PIC: Elijah Rowen/Instagram

Elijah Rowen

Elijah Rowen


Elijah Rowen. PIC: Elijah Rowen/Instagram

Vikings actor Elijah Rowen has apologised for comments he made about RTE soap Fair City.

The 25-year-old actor raised eyebrows over the weekend when he described the long-running and hugely popular Irish soap as a "joke" and "embarrassing".

A recent addition to the cast of the Emmy-winning show Vikings, Dublin actor Elijah suggested that actors who wanted to make it in the industry should avoid Fair City.

"Personally I think Fair City is embarrassing," he said. "I understand actors might do it for financial gain, but if you really want to be accepted in the acting world you wouldn't do it.

"If you want to talk artistry or expressionally, it's a joke."

His remarks were met with backlash from several actors who have worked on the Dublin-set soap, including Hilda Fay, who described Elijah as "obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer".

Elijah issued a statement to Independent.ie apologising for his "foolish words".

"I have the deepest respect for any actor out there working and making the grind. I was caught off guard at a social event in the early hours and spoke in error," he said.


"This is absolutely my mistake, and I apologise for any hurt my foolish words have caused. I'm a young actor - new to the industry with a lot to learn.

"I feel bad especially as I know some of the great actors who have been on Fair City and know how hard they work."

Fair City is 30 years old this year and has recently moved to a brand new set on the Donnybrook campus.

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