Monday 24 June 2019

'Huge boost' for Erin as Conor McGregor books ringside seat for Dancing with the Stars

Erin and Conor McGregor. Photo: Instagram
Erin and Conor McGregor. Photo: Instagram
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Conor McGregor will try to help sister Erin score a ­knock-out blow on RTE's ­Dancing With The Stars, after confirming he'll be attending the early stages of the show.

After much speculation about whether he would make the trip to Ardmore Film ­Factory in Bray, the Herald can reveal he will attend the January 14 show.

A source said hairdresser Erin (34) has indicated that the sports star, who has had an eventful few weeks, will be there to cheer her on as she competes against 10 other stars.

"They're a very tight-knit family and she talked it over with him and her whole family before deciding to sign up to the show," the source said.

Erin McGregor, standing to the right of Conor, after he clinched the UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo in December
Erin McGregor, standing to the right of Conor, after he clinched the UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo in December

"It means a lot to her to have Conor there in the audience when she performs live.

"This is her first time putting herself in the spotlight and it's something he's been used to doing for years. So it will be a huge boost to her to have Conor there on the night."

Mum-of-two Erin, who is also a former bodybuilder, has been busy rehearsing for the past week, as she throws herself into learning all the ­intricate dance ­routines.

However, she admitted she's not as confident as she appears.

She posted a picture of herself smiling outside the studio. "Behind the smile is a bundle of nerves," she wrote.

The glamorous blonde, who is mum to Taylor (17) and Harry (16 months), said it's the first big challenge she has taken on since having her second child.

"I'm feeling nervous - I'm bricking it. I'm actually ­bricking it - it really is nerve-wracking," she said.

"I took a long maternity leave so it's great to get back out to the real world and I hope to conquer my fear about what other people think of me.

"I also love to dance - so this is very ­exciting."

In the meantime, she'll have Christmas to look forward to, and said it's always a big event in the McGregor household.

"It's so exciting now, as obviously Conor is so generous to us and we'll be getting amazing presents from him," she said.

"But it's not just my own gift that's exciting.

"I equally love watching everyone else getting theirs and seeing their faces.

"The year that my dad got his Rolex watch, that was so brilliant."

She also told Life magazine that it's her parents' favourite time of the year.

"[My mum] and my dad do an amazing spread," she said.

"Every year before Christmas, she does a whole revamp of the house and it's like a new pin when we all come in. Dad is the host and escorts us all in and then they're busy in the kitchen.

"My partner is a musician and he'll bring his guitar and there'll be singing and later there's games."

She said there's only nine months between her son Harry and Conor's baby, so having them there makes it all the more exciting.

'Erin is definitely the one to watch... the McGregors are competitive'


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