Tuesday 17 September 2019

How long will your relationship survive? A new Black Mirror 'Hang the DJ' app will tell you

Hang the DJ - Joe Cole
Hang the DJ - Joe Cole
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Hang the DJ was arguably one of the highlights of the new batch of Black Mirror episodes which recently landed on Netflix.

Creator Charlie Brooker gave the future of dating apps a positive spin in the episode with a near-future version of a Tinder type app choosing people's perfect partner.

Using an experience based algorithm it arranged dates and relationships with a series of partners for specified periods of time.

Couples could opt to see the length of time they had left together by pressing the button, but only if they agreed to do so together.

Press the button over at Coach.dating at your peril!
Press the button over at Coach.dating at your peril!

If one pressed the button and the other does not it has drastic consequences for their relationship as Joe Cole and Georgina Campbell found out to their horror in the episode.

Now you can apply this futuristic relationship predictor to your own relationship by pressing the button at Coach.dating, the dating site from the episode.

However, your other half has to agree to press it too, so you send them the link and both press on the button within five seconds of each other.

Back out and you'll suffer the consequences!

You can stream the episode now on Netflix.

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