Friday 23 August 2019

'His mam cuts his toenails...' - Brian (26) caused a bit of a stir with This Crowded House viewers last night

Mum Ann, son Brian Barry, and Brendan Courtney on This Crowded House, RTE 2
Mum Ann, son Brian Barry, and Brendan Courtney on This Crowded House, RTE 2
Brian Barry on This Crowded House, RTE 2
Brian's mum Ann, This Crowded House, RTE 2
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A 26 year old Limerick man caused a bit of a stir with TV viewers last night when it was revealed that his mother still cuts his toenails.

Brian Barry featured on the second episode of Brendan Courtney's fascinating new series This Crowded House which aims to help young people who are still living at home with their parents to move out.

Brian, from Pallaskenry, has a girlfriend, Denise, but his parents have always tended to his every need, including cutting his toenails, a fact which shocked viewers of the RTE show.

However, on the Ray D'Arcy Show on RTE Radio 1 on Tuesday Brian said the toenails reference was "a joke".

'It's like living in a five star hotel," he told Ray regarding why he still lives at home.  "My mum pretty much done everything, most of my laundry, the cooking was divided between her and my father.  My dad was my personal alarm clock in the morning."

Brian's dad woke him up every morning with a cup of tea in a travel mug to take to work.

However, his girlfriend of six months, Denise, felt it was time Brian stood on his own two feet and Brendan Courtney and financial advisor Eoin McGee helped him to cut down on the online gambling and his astronomical phone bill of €124 a month.

There was just one condition as far as Brian was concerned and that was he had to live in the local area of Pallaskenry where he was born and raised and which he considers the "greatest place on earth". 

In the end he signed a €560 a month lease and Denise keeps him in check.  Viewers wish him the best but wonder how he'll fare looking after himself...


However, Brian has been living alone for three months now and is faring pretty well. Denise pops down "with her clipboard" to make sure he's keeping things ticking over and he has even cooked for her including chicken korma and added that she has "asked for seconds"!

This Crowded House takes a break next Tuesday but will return the following week, Tuesday November 21 on RTÉ 2.

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