Sunday 16 June 2019

Heated spat kicks off on Cutting Edge as tattoos are compared to alcohol and drug addiction

Stefanie Preissner, Brenda Power and Charlie Bird on Cutting Edge
Stefanie Preissner, Brenda Power and Charlie Bird on Cutting Edge

Sasha Brady

A heated debate on tattoos put the panelists at loggerheads with each other on Wednesday night's Cutting Edge.

Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge (RTE One, Wednesday, 9.35pm) featured Sunday Times and Daily Mail columnist Brenda Power, Can't Cope Won't Cope writer Stefanie Preissner and RTE journalist Charlie Bird.

It didn't take long for tensions to reach boiling point when Brenda compared tattoos to drug and alcohol addiction.

She opened her argument with the recent revelation that David Beckham had brought his son Brooklyn to get a tattoo for his 18th birthday.

"I think this is awful, it's awful. David Beckham clearly has a problem with tattoos. He's destroyed himself. He's ruined a pretty perfect body by defacing it and I would say it comes close to self-harm what he's done to himself with tattoos," she told the panel.

"And here he is, a man who's clearly addicted to this mutilation bringing his 18-year-old son [to get a tattoo] and I would compare it to an alcoholic bringing their kid to their first pint. It's like a smoker lighting your first cigarette for you.

"It's like going to someone who self-harms saying 'here kid, here's a nice blade. I'll show you where to cut yourself'," she said.

"And I would suggest if you want to invest in long-term financial security, buy into laser tattoo removal because that is going to be a big deal when people get sense and want these hideous scars removed from their bodies."

Her fellow panelists didn't share her opinion.

While Stefanie admitted that she's not fond of tattoos, she argued that Brenda shouldn't criticise people for what they chose to do with their bodies.

"I think Brenda's point is the first rung on a very dangerous ladder of telling people what they should and shouldn't do with their bodies," she said, before asking her: "Are you really equating getting a tattoo to being a drug addict?"

Brenda's point had pushed Charlie's buttons and he argued that tattoos are a lot less harmful than alcohol and drugs.

Charlie Bird on Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge
Charlie Bird on Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge

"I would prefer someone to get a tattoo rather than getting a bottle and, after having six pints, go outside and mutilate someone over the head with it.

"It may be an addiction but if David Beckham wants to have a tattoo and no matter where he wants to get it, let him off," he said.

Debates continued throughout the show as the panel shared their opinions on revenge porn, sex education and mental health.

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