Sunday 15 December 2019

Heartbreaking story of doctor whose family were wiped out in arson attack to be shared on RTE as part of new Ramadan series

Dr Taufiq Al Sattar
Dr Taufiq Al Sattar

RTE will share the story of an Irish-based doctor who lost his family in an arson attack as part of a new series to mark the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

In 2013 Dr Al Sattar's whole family was wiped out in an arson attack in Leicester - the awful victims of mistaken identity.

The paediatric neurosurgeon was working in Dublin's Beaumont Hospital when he received the horrific news of their death.

Eight men were found guilty of the deaths of mother-of-three Shehnila Taufiq (47), daughter Zainab (19), and sons Bilal (17) and Jamal (15).

However, Dr Al Sattar refused to hate the men for the crime they committed and has since used his pain to speak out against the general suffering in the world.

"When you penetrate somebody's country, when you penetrate somebody's house, when you destroy, then what comes at the end of the day?

"People hate each other. So the religion is saying to bring the discipline in your life. You respect your neighbours and you respect everybody, you do not harm anybody."

'If I come and destroy your house or if I come and kill your wife or children, what will be the retaliation from you? You will only start to hate and you will start to take revenge. This is what is happening in the world at present," he explained at a talk in Dublin last year.

His story will be screened next Saturday at 5.50pm on RTE as part of Ramadan Diaries, in which four Muslims living in Ireland will share their stories and faith.

Before his wife passed away, Dr Al-Sattar had recently purchased a site for an Islamic centre in Blanchardstown and later decided to fulfill their dreams of building a mosque, football pitches and a community centre in the area.

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