Tuesday 17 September 2019

'He has some very old-fashioned views', Lucy Kennedy on Dickie Rock

He says 'women are trying to do the things that men do'

Sean O'Grady

Lucy Kennedy is moving in with music legend Dickie Rock on tonight's episode of Living With Lucy - but the TV star got more than she bargained for with his "old-fashioned" views.

The TV3 host (41) said she got on well with the Dublin singer (79) but found there was a generation divide between them.

"He had some old-school views but I let him away with it. He had some old-fashioned views on marriage and wouldn't be as forward-thinking as the rest of us. There was a very clear generation gap between us," she said.

Lucy likened their relationship to that of a father and daughter.

"He was very sweet with me, he's just kind of old-fashioned. It's like living with anyone's dad of that generation," she said.

"They just think very differently and haven't moved with the times.

Lucy and Dickie
Lucy and Dickie

"There were a couple of things about women being at home. It's like when I look at the next generation and think, 'what are they talking about?'. But it makes a very good programme because of it."

On gender equality, Dickie says he reckons women are trying to do men's work.

"I really think anybody who's doing the same job should get paid the same, whether it's male or female, but you know what the problem is, women are trying to do the things that men do," he says in the show, which airs tonight on TV3 at 10pm.

They still found some common ground though.

"Dickie is such a laugh, I loved him. We tried to record a Christmas single but I don't think he liked my voice. We recorded I Got You Babe," Lucy said.

"He can fill a room. After all these years, he's still got it."

The series has also seen Lucy live with Katie Hopkins, Daniella Westbrook and Davy Fitzgerald, with transgender boxing manager Kellie Maloney and ex-Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding still to come.

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