Sunday 18 August 2019

Gruelling 5 hour Great Irish Bake Off showstopper reduces Dublin baker Neil to tears

Tv3 - The Great Irish Bake Off Baker Neil Reid (36) from Dublin
Picture Brian McEvoy
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Tv3 - The Great Irish Bake Off Baker Neil Reid (36) from Dublin Picture Brian McEvoy No Repro fee for one use
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

This has been the most dramatic series of The Great Irish Bake Off with Ailish Carrigan fainting and favourite Clare Ryan fleeing the tent in tears.

On Sunday baker Neil Reid will be the latest to succumb to the pressure as a gruelling five hour 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' showstopper gets the better of him and reduces him to tears.

It's week six and only six bakers remain to tackle Party Week with a place in the semi-final at stake and the possibility of a double elimination ahead.

Judges Paul Kelly and Lilly Higgins set the challenging five hour showstopper which must showcase the bakers' creative flair and include 30 items comprising of five different elements.

Neil decides to go for a garden themed party with tiny sticky toffee puddings and carrot cakes presented in flower pots.

However, things start to get messy when one of the carrot cakes spills over the flower pots and when Neil realises his cake pops are too dense he loses it.

“Are you joking me, no, no, they’re not going to work, so what am I going to do? Ah come on, you can’t lose it that quick!!! How could I get away with this one?” he says.

Although he manages to salvage his bake for the judges he is left in tears and adds, “Truthfully I am worn out, I’m absolutely worn out, and that was so hard”.

Prior to the showstopper, the bakers are tasked with the technical challenge of making gluten-free traditional Irish pizzas to Lilly's recipe and Italian Calzones to Paul's recipe.

Unfortunately vegetarian Fionnadh struggles with working with the meat ingredients.

"I feel like a traitor," she tells presenter Anna.

The Great Irish Bake Off 'Party Week' airs on Sunday November 29 at 9pm.

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