Friday 23 August 2019

Great Irish Bake Off contestant Clare Ryan says 'edited down' final cut didn't show amount of work she had put in to macaroon tower

Clare Ryan bake off contestant
Clare Ryan bake off contestant
Clare Ryan
It's International Week in episode 5 of The Great Irish Bake Off but things start to get messy as baker Clare has reached her melting point and is left fleeing the tent in floods of tears.
For this weeks Signature Challenge the contestants are tackled with baking a cake either from, or inspired by, a country of their choice. Clare takes her chances with a French Fancy Macaroon Tower but the judges aren't impressed one bit, leaving her in floods of tears.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Great Irish Bake Off contestant Clare Ryan has said she is "disappointed" that the amount of work she put into her macaroon tower did not come across in the final edit of Sunday night's show.

During the episode the bakers were tasked with creating a signature cake from a country of their choice and Limerick woman Clare (32) did not impress with her tower of macaroons, baked to represent France.

Judge Paul Kelly noted his disappointment that Clare's bake was not in fact a cake as the task had called for, and his comments prompted Clare to flee the Bake Off tent in tears.

"The show was edited down and the disappointing thing was that the amount of work that went into it didn't come across and then it wasn't portrayed as a cake," she says.

"I was very disappointed at the time.  That was two months ago now but watching it back it brings you back.  But you move on from it."

After the episode on Sunday Clare took to Twitter to voice her disappointment about the edit.

"Sad to see @Lovelyisnit go,congrats to deserving starbaker @CathyMacKenna & disappointed Paul's praise for my idea wasn't shown #setup #gibo" she wrote.

Clare did not wish to comment on the tweet.

Asked whether she felt she should have been told at the beginning that her idea did not fit the brief, Clare said, "I don't write the rules of the competition so that's not really for me to anwer.  That was just the way it went.  I didn't set out to try and not make a cake".

Of the edit, Simon Proctor, Series Producer, The Great Irish Bake Off on TV3, said, “The final edit of each show always contains the highlights of the bakers endeavours in the challenges. 

"Because the show has a 1 hour duration, we aren't able to show everything that was filmed over the two days.

"Clare is one of the 6 remaining contestants on the show - she’s one of the strongest bakers and has been consistent throughout the series.”

Usually cool, calm and collected on the show, Clare said she found it tough to see herself break down on the show.

"Nobody wants to see themselves get upset," she said, "Any of my friends and family were really surprised.  It's just not what you would expect.  But an awful lot of got goes into that.  Macaroons are such a technical thing to make and didn't come across exactly how much went into it.

"It's a stressful environment and you want to do well."

However, Clare dusts herself off for the next challenge.  She adds, "That would be the essence of who I am.  You just have to live in the moment and if you had a bad week go forward next week and try to forget about it, make a new plan, a new recipe and even if you've had a bad week it's the same new plan."

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