Monday 20 January 2020

'Great British Bake Off' breakdown as ice cream pudding is 'sabotaged'

Iain Watters claims his pudding has been sabotaged on 'The Great British Bake Off'
Iain Watters claims his pudding has been sabotaged on 'The Great British Bake Off'

Christopher Hooton

The Great British Bake Off has seen its very own red wedding in week three (a 'bread wedding' if you will, only it's not bread week so I'll keep that pun for laters), with Iain Watters storming out in tears after his Baked Alaska was removed from the freezer by "ice cream-melting supervillian" Diana Bird.

The furore started when Diana removed Iain's dessert while it was setting.

He went to check whether it was ok, and, finding it very much wasn't, promptly threw the Alaska in the bin, stormed out of the GBBO tent and sulked on a nearby hill.

By this point Twitter was raging over the incident, crying sabotage as Diana presented her glorious Baked Alaska Swan to judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to superlative reviews. (Picture: BBC)

In a macabre twist, Iain was then asked to present his bin, which, being a plastic cuboid and not an ice cream-based sweet, landed him in last place and saw him ignominiously booted from the show.

Twitter duly went into meltdown, making use of the #JusticeForIain hashtag, with one viewer commenting "I'd have thrown her f*ckin swan on the floor if I was Iain," as another shouted: "ARE YOU KIDDING IM SO FRUSTRATED IT WASNT HIS FAULT SHE TOOK HIS ICE CREAM OUT THE FRIDGE HOW !?"

One viewer tried to place the scandal in a wider GBBO context, adding: "The ice cream sabotage is more controversial than the great custard theft of 2013."

Eventually, Sue Perkins and Paul Hollywood were forced to wade in:



And Iain took the high road, admitting his cakey breakdown:

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