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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Geordie Shore fans can't cope with Charlotte's heartbreak over Gary and new girlfriend Lillie

Gary and Charlotte talk on Geordie Shore
Gary and Charlotte talk on Geordie Shore

It's the one meeting that die-hard Geordie Shore fans have been dreading for 10 series - Charlotte Crosby comes face to face with "parsnip" Gary's new girlfriend.

Last night's episode was a rollercoaster of emotion for poor Charlotte as Gary introduced his new girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg to the group. 

Charlotte played cool initially in front of Gary, but told the camera, "I can wait to meet her. I can wait forever! I can wait until I'm dead!"

She added, "Of course I'm not happy for you Gary! No, I don't want you to bring Lillie in! But can I say that? No, because I look like a jealous, bitter bitch. That's exactly what I am! DIE LILLIE DIE!"

Charlotte cries in the taxi on the way home. PIC: MTV
Charlotte cries in the taxi on the way home. PIC: MTV

Her comments prompted the hashtag #dielilliedie to trend on Twitter.

When they finally came face-to-face in the club (after Gary admitted he had had the butterflies on his date with Lillie) Charlotte held it together, even chatting to Lillie and hugging her. But she let it all go on the taxi journey home...

"I really like her," she cried. "That's why I hate him even more, because she's actually really nice!"

And it seemed the viewers really liked Lillie too (see tweets below).

Back at the Geordie Shore house, Gary thanked Charlotte for being gracious and nice with Lillie, but it was a red rag to a bull.

Charlotte told him he had "ruined" her life and he was a "headf**k" and he said she was one too.  He said he had respected her boyfriend Mitch.  But Charlotte told him that was different because he didn't love her like she loved him (Gary, that is).

Cue many tears.

"I just feel like my heart's been shattered" she said and there wasn't a dry eye amongst the viewers either, who appeared to feel for Gary as much as they did for Charlotte....

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