Monday 18 November 2019

Gentle giant contestant dwarfs 'The Voice' coach Rachel Stevens

Russell Hogg stands 6'8
Russell Hogg stands 6'8" beside Voice coach Rachel Stevens who is just 5'2"
Chris Brady
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The Voice of Ireland saw its tallest ever contestant attempt to woo the judges last night.

Russell Hogg, who stands a towering 6'8" tall, impressed the coaches with his powerful voice and judge Rachel Stevens was particularly impressed by his stature.

The pint-sized singer popped up on stage and removed her shoes to reveal she barely reached Russell's elbow.  She laughed, "That's amazing.  I need a ladder!"

Bressie, who was the only judge to turn his chair for Russell, also jumped up to compare height but Russell towered over the 6' star. 

Bressie then jokingly offered him a job as his security guard.  Regarding his vocals, he said, "It was raw... you didn't care - you were doing what you wanted to do."

Meanwhile, Chris Brady also stood out on the show.  The Drogheda singer sang Adele's 'To Make You Feel My Love' and he revealed Paulo Nutini had once given him the thumbs-up for his voice.

Nicola Lynch, another pint-sized popstar in the making, chose to go to Una's team.

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