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'Freaky' to be on Corrie set to see funeral being filmed, says Les Dennis


His character, Michael Rodwell, died of a heart attack last year.

Soap star Les Dennis has said it was “quite freaky” to return to the Coronation Street set to see his character’s funeral being filmed.

Les starred as Michael Rodwell in the ITV show until he died of a heart attack during a stand-off with Pat Phelan, played by Connor McIntyre, last year.

He said it was just a coincidence he was visiting the set with his wife Claire on the day the emotional send-off scenes were being captured.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “It was bizarre, Claire and I went back for lunch and we were in the canteen and I was looking at all the Platt family and everyone was all dressed up.

I said ‘What is going on?’ and Ollie, who was playing Andy my son, said ‘your funeral!’.

“They said ‘The hearse is down on the street if you want to go and have a look’, so Claire and I went down and stood by my hearse with a coffin inside and my photo on the order of service, and everything in the back.

“It was quite freaky but quite fun as well.”

The actor added he was glad to get such a dramatic departure from the show and was happy his character died.

He said: “I didn’t insist, but I was really pleased when they said it was going to be a big exit, Lexit, I decided to call it.

“I could have died in a chair in Gail’s house but instead it was a big send off.”

Les will next be seen playing Uncle Fester in a touring production of The Addams Family and told the show he will be making a physical transformation for the role.

He said: “In about three weeks, just before we go up to Edinburgh where we start, I’m going to shave my head.

“I tried the bald cap in rehearsals but it was hot and sweaty, so for eight times a week I thought, I’m going to shave my head.

“Our director said ‘Do you want to check with your wife to make sure she’s okay with that?’.

“The kids were like ‘Oh no daddy’, so Claire said ‘Why don’t you do it for a charity?’, so we are doing it for Breast Cancer Now, that way we are raising money and I’m shaving my head.

“I’m just thinking about shaving it and looking in the mirror to see how it looks, but then there is the upkeep.

“People say it might not grow back, but that is just a fallacy right? I could do the next generation of Kojak.”

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