Sunday 16 June 2019

Former 2FM presenter Hector Ó hEochagáin takes a pop at RTE and Miriam O'Callaghan

Hector Ó hEochagáin has taken a pop at the schedule on RTE 1, singling out Miriam O'Callaghan who he said talks "s***e".

The former 2fm radio presenter, who was axed from his successful radio slot at the station in 2013, was talking to Brendan O'Connor on The Saturday Night Show when he made the remarks.

Asked about being perceived by people as someone who was very extrovert when he started out compared to more recent shows, he said he had calmed down somewhat.

"I'm not leaping around the place the whole time.  I'm not," he said. "You don't leap around the place if you're on after the nine o'clock news on RTE One.  You're either bloody Miriam O'Callaghan talking shite or another one trying to imitate Miriam O'Callaghan."

Hector also spoke about being axed from 2fm.

"They pulled the rug from underneath us there," he said.  "It was flying, we had a large audience, it was doing very well.

"RTE and 2fm make decisions.  RTE makes decisions about a lot of different shows and you know that Brendan better than anyone."

Brendan, whose show will wind up shortly and be replaced by a show fronted by Ray D'Arcy, replied, "The schedule is constantly evolving  Hector and I'm very excited about the future and I'm glad to be going out on a high.  I'd just like to say that."

Asked if he was "pissed off" about losing the 2fm slot, Hector revealed he was.

"Of course, you're building, you're getting up at 5 in the morning and you're giving everything to the show and I thought we were doing a good job.

"That's radio.  But radio is a vicious circle.  Every couple of months you get these results called the JNLRs and it's like getting the Leaving Cert.  And we were doing very well but like 2fm make changes and RTE make changes and we've got to live with that."

Hector also revealed he would be "taking the ferry across the Liffey to work at Today FM" in June although he said he hasn't signed a contract yet.  He also said he's working with a big broadcaster on a TV idea.

Watch the full interview on RTE iPlayer.

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