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Footballer Jamie Vardy's wife reveals 'horrific' online abuse


She opened up about being subjected to online trolling and also having her battle with post-natal depression.

The wife of footballer Jamie Vardy has told of the “horrific” online abuse she has received involving her baby, but that she will never back down to trolls.

Rebekah Vardy, who has two children with the sportsman and two from previous relationships, said it was just the “minority” of people who attacked her online but that she had had people wishing her son Finley was stillborn.

During an appearance on Loose Women, she said she would never stop reading the negative comments because that would give power to those who wrote them.

She said, in response to being asked about being trolled online: “It was horrific.”

Host Ruth Langsford asked her what kind of things people would write to her, and she said: “Wishing stillbirth on him, and just really disgusting stuff. It is a minority of people.”

Rebekah said: “I don’t think I’d ever stop reading it, because I think the minute you take yourself away from that, it’s the minute the trolls win.”

Loose Women panellist Katie Price asked if she ever responded to the trolls.

Rebekah, who introduced her 10-week-old son Finley to the cooing Loose Women panellists and audience, said: “Occasionally, yes, because I think it’s really important to highlight what we go through.”

During her appearance on the ITV daytime programme, Rebekah said she did not want to be in the public eye but that it was her husband’s rise to fame last year following his club Leicester City’s Premier League unlikely win and his role in the England squad during the Euro 2016 championship that pushed her into the limelight.

She said the story of his rise to fame was “incredible”, adding: “I didn’t want to be in the public eye at all, but there was so much being written about me that wasn’t true, that I was put out there by the media anyway.”

Rebekah spoke of her experience of post-natal depression, a “taboo” subject, with her second child, son Taylor.

“I think people in general, after you’ve had kids, as a woman, think you’re a superwoman, that you can just carry on, get up in the morning, you’re fantastic with the kids and there’s never any issues.

“I think it’s a really taboo subject, especially with post-natal depression.

“People say it doesn’t exist, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding it, but I found it really tough.”

Jamie, a father-of-three who has another child from a previous relationship, and Rebekah married in May last year.

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