Sunday 22 September 2019

Flagship RTÉ shows 'hiring workers on bogus contracts'

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Anne-Marie Walsh

RTÉ has been accused of hiring workers on 'bogus' self-employed contracts on flagship shows including 'Drivetime' and 'Today with Sean O'Rourke'.

Union leader Seamus Dooley said what was happening at the station was a "national disgrace" at the publication of a bill by Labour Senator Ged Nash to tackle the issue yesterday.

The NUJ chief said workers had been asked to register as self-employed rather than become direct employees in order to get a job. He said the practice was endemic in the media industry.

Union officials condemned employers who carry out this practice as they avoid paying PRSI, while workers lose entitlements including sick pay, holiday leave and the right to social welfare and redundancy payments.

Ironically, 'Drivetime' itself recently carried out an investigation that revealed there were workers employed on bogus contracts at the station.

An RTÉ spokesman said it was conducting a review of its use of contractors that would be finished in March of next year.

Labour Employment Affairs and Social Protection spokesperson Mr Nash said it was extremely difficult to "get a handle" on the numbers employed in the "gig economy".

He said there were 30,000 in construction alone in 2015.

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