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First Dates contestant Lisa: 'Most guys buy me a drink and expect me to go home with them... Irish men baffle me'


Lisa Fogarty on First Dates Ireland

Lisa Fogarty on First Dates Ireland

Lisa Fogarty on First Dates Ireland

First Dates contestant Lisa Fogarty says Irish men only have one thing on their mind when it comes to dating.

According to Lisa, Irish men are only interested in casual hook-ups. The Waterford woman was previously overweight and has found she gets approached by men a lot more now she has shed the pounds.

"I would get approached more,” she said. "I would be out and they’d buy the drinks and you’re expected to go home with this person. Why am I expected to sleep with you? Get a grip on yourself. I would never sleep with someone I don’t know.

"I can never fathom why men think like that; I’d never be into one-night stands. Irish men baffle me in that sense – a lot of them do it and that’s not for me. 

"Since I lost the weight that’s the attention I’m getting. 'Oh yeah, I’ll have a crack at her’'and I’m like, 'You actually won’t'."

Lisa applied for the show after failing to find a man through online dating.

"I put my name in the hat because I’m single and I’ve done all the online dating," she said. "I go out and I meet fellas and it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t go anywhere so I said I may as well try the television.

"My mother says, 'You are too fussy' and she’s right. I’m 34 and I know what I want. I’ve been in a lot of sh***y relationships and I know what I don’t want."

Lisa went on a date with farmer Jamie Cuddy on the show and although they got along well, Lisa didn’t feel there was a "spark".

"He was shy enough but I think I brought him out of himself. He was a really lovely guy but I suppose I was missing the spark," she said. "You’re looking for that, 'Oh yeah, I can see this going somewhere'.

"I couldn’t fault him. He was a total gentleman in fairness to him, but I was missing that little spark."

Eager to make the most of her time in the capital, Lisa hit the ground running after her date and went to Temple Bar with a friend to see if she would have better luck there.

"We spent an hour or two together after the date. We had a great time. He went back to Laois and I went out on the rip in Dublin," she said. "I had a great time.

"What didn’t happen? I shifted a load of people, two or three. I was in Dublin, it was like I was having a little holiday."