Tuesday 20 March 2018

Fate of missing Katy revealed in Fair City shocker

Katy - Amilia Clarke Stewart
Katy - Amilia Clarke Stewart
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

*WARNING* Contains spoilers

Viewers of tonight's Fair City special will finally find out what happened to Katy O'Brien.

The youngster went missing from Carrigstown last May after finding out about Debbie and Tommy's affair - but all will be revealed in tonight's 4,000th episode.

Fans will discover that Katy is alive and well - but is being kept captive, with scenes of a girl sitting in a room brushing her hair, who turns out to be Katy.

Things also take a turn for the dramatic between Paul Brennan and wife Niamh after her philandering husband is caught getting cosy with Hayley by Oisin.

In a fit of rage, Niamh aims to create a huge scene at the presentation of the bursary, but things don't go according to plan for her.

Speaking to the Herald about the twisted dynamic between the ill-fated couple, actress Clelia Murphy (Niamh) said that her character's determined to deal with Paul's cheating ways.

"Niamh has twigged it (his affair) but hasn't decided how she's going to handle it. And Paul's blown away. I think Niamh's embarrassed by it. She's like, 'Come on now, cut it out.'

"After all, she's got two girls to worry about, so that's at the forefront of her mind this week," she said.

Clelia also revealed that viewers have got so caught up in the storyline between her and Paul that it often provokes a strong reaction - even from the actors' relatives.

"My mother rang me and left me a voicemail. She goes, 'Well I would have cut off his you-know-what' and that was over some fight we had," she said.

abuse Asked what she made of the verbal abuse that her on-screen husband Paul suffered recently, she said it was hard to believe the nasty comments some people make.

"I always wonder about trolls. I'm sure they're not little green creatures that hide under bridges, but why do they get so personal about anybody?" she said.

"That's a human you're talking about, that's somebody's baby."

Tony Tormey, who plays Paul, said his character just thinks he can act with impunity around Carrigstown and he enjoys playing the villain.

"The weird thing is that Paul doesn't think he's doing anything wrong," he said.

"He's thinks he's handling it all and he can get away with it and then he realises that he can't have his cake and eat it. But it's nice to think that you can."

Elsewhere in Carrigstown on tonight's episode, Charlotte and Sash are shocked to discover Kerri-Ann thinks Denzo is back in Spain.

They warn Decco that he needs to tell her the truth before the court case, with Charlotte deciding to take matters into her own hands.


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