Sunday 20 January 2019

Fair City's Wayne cracks up under garda questioning and confesses all this week

Wayne cracks under questioning
Wayne cracks under questioning
Wayne reels when Aoife blames him for Karen's death
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

FAIR City is set for an explosive episode this weekend when Wayne cracks up under garda questioning and confesses all, as the show's murder plot reaches a crescendo.

But as Wayne reaches boiling point at Carrigstown Garda Station, he even manages to implicate Orla. Viewers won't learn the killer's real identity for another few weeks but right now things aren't looking too rosy for the couple.

Another major plot twist takes place when Orla, faced with the prospect of being dragged into a murder investigation, reveals she was actually with Tommy, and not Wayne, on the night Karen was murdered.

Wayne is not only a suspect but he's fearful he's losing Orla.

Detective Inspector Yates produces a bloodied tea towel to Wayne in questioning and he appears wracked with guilt as Pete and Dolores are traumatised to hear Wayne's become the prime suspect.

Yates had been doing his homework on Wayne. He reveals he knows Wayne lied about his car and it seems it could be game over for the cops' new main suspect.

"What time did you notice the car was missing?" Det Insp Yates asks Wayne.

A rattled Wayne responds he'd seen the car at eight that day.

But he's just walked right into Yates's trap, as the detective says: "Declan Bishop recalls seeing you and your car much later than that, so what do you want to tell me Wayne?"

Once Aoife hears who's the main suspect in the murder of her daughter, all hell will break loose.

She had already become concerned how slowly the gardai were progressing, so she's sure to demand a killer is brought to justice.

Aoife is coming close to giving up hope but when Oisin reveals Wayne is still at the station she feels light could be at the end of the tunnel.

All she wants to see is someone imprisoned for the murder of her child.

Robbie tries to reassure Aoife as he suspects Yates has got new information from Wayne and Oisin turns Robbie's suspicion to Wayne and Orla.

Fair City airs tomorrow on RTE One at 8pm

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