Tuesday 24 October 2017

Fair City's Sorcha Furlong reveals she's approached by people who think she's her soap character

Sorcha Furlong
Sorcha Furlong

Sean O'Grady

Fair City actress Sorcha Furlong has revealed that some people think she really is her Fair City character Orla Kirwan.

The Lucan woman (39) has portrayed career-focused Orla for the past 17 years, becoming one of the soap's most popular characters.

"Everyone is lovely. That's soaps for you, I think it's brilliant," she said. "It means that people think you're a believable character. We just do our job and then go home."

Sorcha admitted she never thought she would still be on the Dublin soap today, having only been brought in originally for six weeks' work.

While she is a staple on the show now, Orla's stay in Carrigstown was originally planned to be a temporary one.

"I didn't think I'd be there that long. I was brought in originally for a six-week story. Then I was gone, and then I was brought back in again," she told the Herald.

Orla is trapped in the workshop
Orla is trapped in the workshop

While many actors have to face the fact their characters could be killed off or written out of a series, Sorcha stays positive about her future on the show.

"We're very blessed to be in the job that we are in, it's a gig," she said.

"You just think about the next storyline and I feel blessed every year that I am working."

It's a busy time for Dubliner Sorcha, who's currently starring in John B Keane comedy The Chastitute at the Gaiety Theatre as well as filming Fair City and working on another play.

"I'm triple gigging. You just plough on and don't think about it. I'm gone out of the house from half-nine and then I get home at 11," she said.

Viewers saw Orla fight for her life recently when she was trapped in a blazing fire.

Following Paul and Niamh's explosive argument when Niamh told her husband she had known for months about his affair, she drove her car into a garage.

Orla, who was inside at the time, was knocked off a ladder as the place burst into flames.

"There was a great buzz on set during filming and everyone brought their A-game to make sure everything went to plan," Sorcha said of filming the dramatic episode.

"It was great to be part of such a bit stunt."


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