Saturday 15 December 2018

Fair City's Farrah shocked to find out why mystery girl Tessa is in Carrigstown in tense scenes tonight

Farrah is shocked her suspicions are confirmed
Farrah is shocked her suspicions are confirmed
Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Tensions reach boiling point on Fair City tonight as Farrah almost comes to blows with Tessa over Carrigstown kidnapper Ciaran.

Unbeknown to Farrah, Tessa is Ciaran's sister.

Farrah was previously in a relationship with Ciaran and was pregnant with his child but lost the baby.

When Emmet, who was also previously with Farrah and is the father of her son Fionn, finds out Tessa has crossed paths with her, he is relieved that Farrah did not recognise her.

Emmet worries when Tessa crosses paths with Farrah
Emmet worries when Tessa crosses paths with Farrah

However, Farrah eventually thinks Tessa looks familiar and questions her at the shop counter, asking whether they have met before. Tessa responds by telling her she is in town visiting friends.

Farrah realises she saw Tessa with Emmet but the girl does not appear eager to talk to her.

Kidanapper Ciaran with Katy
Kidanapper Ciaran with Katy

Tessa decides to broach the subject of her brother and says: "You used to know Ciaran Holloway quite well?"

Farrah is shocked the girl knows about her past. She snaps and says: "What the hell has that got to do with you?"

Ciaran and Katy
Ciaran and Katy

Later, Farrah becomes suspicious when she sees Tessa in the company of Emmet's stepfather, Eoghan.

Knowing about Farrah's temper, Emmet tells Tessa she is better off staying away from her.

Farrah becomes further troubled when she learns that Tessa is now staying in Ciaran's apartment.

Farrah is shocked when her suspicions are confirmed and she questions why Tessa is really there.

Elsewhere, Emmet is uncomfortable when Tessa wants to talk about Ciaran and tries to see the good in him, despite all the hurt he caused.

Emmet, who has been trying to bond with his son, instinctively protects him when Farrah confronts Tessa about who she really is.

Ciaran's fate was left open-ended when the kidnapper fell off a pier and vanished without trace after having kept teenager Katy as his hostage for 13 months.

Actor Johnny Ward, who played Ciaran, previously told how he hoped the character would eventually make a return one day.

Fair City airs tonight at 8pm on RTE One


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