Saturday 21 September 2019

Fair City whodunnit ends tonight as Karen's murderer will finally be revealed

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It has been a suspenseful few weeks for Fair City viewers as the whodunnit storyline around Karen's killer has raged on.

Several characters are in the frame after Karen (played by Kate Gilmore) was found lying in a pool of blood with a stab wound to the abdomen five weeks ago.

Wayne (Victor Burke) initially discovered an injured Karen and tried to get her to the hospital but she disappeared when he went to take care of Decco (David O'Sullivan).  When Orla (Sorcha Furlong) arrived home to find Wayne mopping up the blood on the floor, she wanted to call gardai but he told her they should cover up that Karen was ever there. 

Then Karen's mother Aoife (Lesley Conroy) discovered her daughter's body along with Sean (Ryan Andrews) and Decco and ever since that moment she has been on a mission to track down her daughter's killer.

We later found out that Sean fled the scene at the car park where Karen's body was found.  And Aoife ended up threatening Oisin with a knife when she became convinced he was the culprit.

Fair City have been releasing teaser videos of the suspects, each pinning the blame on someone else.  Kerri-Ann implies Orla is to blame as she "had a really big row" with Karen in the toilets and she was "really upset".

"Orla was really upset..." Just what is Kerri-Ann getting at? Fair City tomorrow at 8

Posted by RTÉ One on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

However, the net has been tightening as both Wayne and Orla were ruled out as suspects following DNA analysis of a bloody fingerprint found by Detective Inspector Yates at the scene.  He revealed that the suspect is not in the Gardai's database.

Orla, meanwhile, says Decco is to blame.  "People say, 'I'll kill you all the time' - they don't really mean it," she says in her own defence.  "I threatened to kill her and then I stabbed her in my kitchen.  Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"If I had to come up with a name? Decco Bishop" Orla's pointing the finger at Decco, could she be onto something? Or is she hiding something? Fair City tonight at 8

Posted by RTÉ One on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Seán, meanwhile, says "it could have been anyone - Kerri Ann?".  He argues that Karen couldn't have dumped him because they "weren't even going out" and he wasn't angry with her.  "II anything I felt sorry for her," he said.

"It could have been anyone..." Seán has a temper but is he capable of murder? Fair City tomorrow at 8.

Posted by RTÉ One on Monday, April 30, 2018

Wayne pointed the finger at Oisin while Oisin and Carol both denied involvement too.  So who is it?  We'll find out tonight, RTE One at 8pm.

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'Confess, or I'll leave you in a pool of blood' - more violence as Aoife threatens Oisin with knife on Fair City tonight 

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