Monday 21 January 2019

Fair City sees Aoife leave Carrigstown tonight as Carol leaves love rat Robbie

Carol confronts Aoife over sleeping with Robbie
Carol confronts Aoife over sleeping with Robbie

Eimear Rabbitt

Fair City matriarch Carol Foley faces a tough few weeks after learning of Robbie's fling with his ex.

Last night a vengeful Carol was forced to accept help from Aoife when she slipped on a photo frame and injured her arm.

The dramatic scene (left)unfolded when Aoife arrived to speak to Carol about her indiscretion.

Before you knew it the two were in A&E, where Aoife did her best to talk Carol around.

Carol despite her anger is forced to accept Aoife's help
Carol despite her anger is forced to accept Aoife's help

Despite needing her help, Carol was not in the mood to forgive and told Aoife that she must leave town.

Tonight viewers will watch as Aoife leaves Dublin - despite being worried about leaving her daughter, Karen, on her own.

However, Carol can tell from Robbie's reaction as he says goodbye to Aoife that his feelings for her are still strong, and she asks him if he is in love with Aoife.

Heartbroken, Carol dismisses Robbie's plea to give him another chance and tells him that she will not be second choice.

Despite Robbie's protest, Carol leaves with son Jack, her world in tatters.

Things go from bad to worse for Robbie when he clashes with Nora - who is upset that Carol and Jack have left - and throws her out of the house.

One of Carrigstown's most memorable characters, Carol has been involved in her fair share of dramatic storylines over the years.

However, her tough exterior had begun to soften in recent times after setting up home with Robbie.

Speaking to the Herald recently about the character she plays, Aisling O'Neill said that she is not like Carol in real life.

"She's very gutsy and never boring. I've been very blessed with some great storylines. But I'm a lot quieter than she is," Aisling said.

One of Aisling's most dramatic storylines was centred on the revelations in 2016 that Carol had been sexually abused by her father's friend when she was 11.

Speaking about the storyline, Aisling said that she was "relieved" that it was received so well.

"It's quite a responsibility to play something that's so heavy and has touched so many people's lives," she explained.

"I was just glad I did justice to something delicate."

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