Thursday 22 August 2019

Fair City: It all becomes too much for Eoghan as he's lured into a trap when searching for missing Katy

He's devastated to discover it's all just an elaborate hoax
He's devastated to discover it's all just an elaborate hoax

In tonight's episode of Fair City, Eoghan thinks he's one step closer to locating his missing daughter Katy but he soon realises it's all part of an elaborate hoax.

After receiving information from Jodi, which Eoghan believes will lead him to Katy; he ends up at an abandoned warehouse.

Viewers will see Eoghan encounter plenty of near-misses as he desperately searches for his missing daughter.

In a room he comes across a locked door and is convinced Katy is being held inside. 

However it quickly becomes apparent that the entire thing was a hoax set up by Cathal to further torment the O'Briens. 

It all becomes too much for Eoghan and he can't take anymore. 

Releasing his search was futile and that he may never see his daughter again, Eoghan makes his way to the roof of the building - alone and absolutely devastated.  

Speaking about the episode Alan Howley who plays Eoghan said; "After Eoghan spends the night driving round town in a last desperate effort to find Katy, finding that he was being played by Cathal all along is the final straw. His step son died a year ago, his daughter is missing for six months, his wife has betrayed him and subsequently left him.

He hasnothing left - nothing left to lose, nothing left to live for. Going to the roof is him trying to make it all stop.  Filming those scenes was great. We did a week of night shoots. The crew was super - it was a real team effort.

And there were great actors who are not Fair City regulars who came in a nailed it. Hard work but great - a real privilege to get to do that; driving cars too fast and starting fights - what's not to love!"

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