Tuesday 17 September 2019

Fair City has a new troublemaker as Tommy's son Zak turns up in Carrigstown

Dearbhla and Tommy get a shock when a surprise visitor arrives at the door
Dearbhla and Tommy get a shock when a surprise visitor arrives at the door
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

Dublin actor Peter Corboy has found a new home on the streets of Carrigstown as he joins Fair City tonight.

The Trinity graduate, who has a BA in Drama and Theatre, has been cast as Tommy Dillon's son Zak, and is set to turn a few heads as he arrives in Dublin from Kilkenny.

The new arrival proves to be a bit of a charmer, flirting with both Hayley (played by Rebecca Grimes) and Jane (Rachel Pilkington) in tonight's episode.

However, Peter reckons that while Zak appears to be a smooth operator there is no malice behind his womanising ways.

Peter Corboy
Peter Corboy

"Zak has found himself in hot water back in Kilkenny. He's a bit of a charmer, and unfortunately this time his charms have broken up a wedding," said Peter.

"The father of the bride isn't too happy with him, so he heads to Dublin for a bit to lie low while the dust settles. It also gives him a chance to catch up with his sister Dearbhla (Maria Oxley Boardman) who has returned from Canada, and of course his dad, Tommy."

"Zak might be mischievous, but he's not malicious, which makes him really fun to play. He's quick to find the humour in situations, which I enjoy," he added.

Peter also told how Zak would like to put the pieces back together with his dad, Tommy, played by Geoff Minogue, who he fell out with when he found out about Tommy's infidelities.

Zak then upped sticks and moved to Kilkenny to live with his aunt.

"He's a very independent guy, he doesn't take life too seriously, and it's this mischievous nature that often lands him in trouble," he said.

"Initially, I think he's just looking for somewhere to hide out, but as he begins to re-establish his relationship with his father, sister and the residents of Carrigstown, he proves that there's more to him than just troublemaking.

"He puts up a certain facade, but underneath, I think part of him does genuinely want to reconnect with his family, especially his dad.

"There's certainly a big rift there to heal. Zak sees himself as different from his father in many ways, but he's also very much cut from the same cloth.

"It's not always an amicable relationship between the two."

Fair City airs tonight on RTE One at 8pm.


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