Tuesday 22 January 2019

Fair City fans reeling after second shock death in a week as Dan dies after saving Robbie

Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Fair City viewers were left reeling last night after the show was hit by its second death in less than a week.

Last Thursday’s show saw the hostage situation – during which Hannah died – end in dramatic fashion, after Dan was shot by Dr Marcus Oakley when he risked his life to save Robbie.

Emmet's gambit to free the hostages fails
Emmet's gambit to free the hostages fails

However, the injury he sustained proved fatal and his character of four years was seen losing his battle for life in hospital yesterday evening. 

Although initially reluctant to visit him, a conflicted Robbie arrives just as Dan flat-lines, making him the last person to talk to his former army buddy before he slips away. 

Actor Steve Gunn, who played Dan, said that he was looking forward to getting his teeth stuck into new projects in the wake of leaving the soap.

“I have mixed emotions about it,” he told the Herald. 

“But for me, it means new challenges and I’m looking forward to doing new things.

“I had a great time working on Fair City. I’m there four years so you form great friendships, and the whole buzz about the place. But I am looking forward to doing new things.”

Speaking about the “complicated” relationship between his character and Robbie, viewers saw that friendship come full circle last night.

Steve added that it could be difficult at times to portray a character with so much baggage, given his former army past and the fact that he previously admitted raping Robbie’s ex-girlfriend Aoife.

“He had this dark part when he first joined the show. He was a character with so many dark secrets so it’s definitely a weight lifted off my shoulders, not playing that part anymore,” he said. 

Filming the final death scene involved a “lot of sadness”, some of it real given that he was signing off from a show he had worked on for so long. 

“These were people I had worked with for a number of years so it was kind of emotional, but we would always have time to squeeze in a little giggle just to keep our sanity,” he said. 

He’s now looking forward to new pastures and his new part in The Professor and the Madman, which also stars Mel Gibson and Sean Penn.


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